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 Rick Pitino - “Failure is good. It's fertilizer. Everything I've learned about coaching, I've learned from making mistakes.”
 Rick Pitino - “The other guys just caught lightning in a bottle with a great game.”
 Rick Pitino - “I thought that was the difference maker. We played great but they're just better at what they do than we are at what we do now.”
 Rick Pitino - “I thought Terrence Williams tonight was excellent. He played very smart and made some smart decisions.”
 Rick Pitino - “He coached a perfect game tonight, offense and defense. It was one of the best coached games I've seen in some time.”
 Rick Pitino - “They are flat-out big time and Missouri State is as good as anyone at the top. It is a hell of a conference they have.”
 Rick Pitino - “He's practiced the last two weeks for the first time all season and is in better shape. This is what you can expect of him down the road.”
 Rick Pitino - “He gave us a big lift. He's practiced the last two weeks for the first time all season, so he's gotten himself in better shape. This is what you expect from him down the road. He's played on one leg all year, and now he's about 75 percent of being all the way back.”
 Rick Pitino - “Transferring, for him to get the playing time he wants, is the best thing for him.”
 Rick Pitino - “As you can see by the way we're playing, we're not looking forward to next year. Our time is now, and we're going to keep playing that way.”
 Rick Pitino - “(The MRI) is telling us now it's time to shut him down and get the surgery done.”
 Rick Pitino - “This is the most disappointing preseason I've experienced in a long time. We'll look for the silver lining, and when I can find it, I'll let everyone know.”
 Rick Pitino - “This is the most disappointing preseason I've experienced in a long time, ... We'll look for the silver lining, and when I can find it, I'll let everyone know.”
 Rick Pitino - “Andre really has improved. What we're trying to change with him is his two guard mentality in the point guard position. When he penetrates, it's to score, and that's what he had to do in high school. He has point guard skills, but not a point guard mentality. So we've got to develop that and it's going to take some time. It's tough to learn.”
 Rick Pitino - “I'm not pleased with our improvement. All of our guys are having a difficult time playing for 40 minutes.”
 Rick Pitino - “Last year at this time, in the first practices, all our guys knew all the sets we were going to run. Now, our guys do not know one set. All our freshmen are lost and they're going to have to get in there and learn right away.”
 Rick Pitino - “With Gay we just tried to pressure him at all times and jam him. We just tried to do what everyone else does.”
 Rick Pitino - “Bob Huggins, a lot of times, is misunderstood. He's someone who cares a great deal about his players. He wants to see them do well and he really goes the extra yard for players.”
 Rick Pitino - “This doesn't surprise me at all. I said from day one, we were young and we were going to struggle at times. We made some key mistakes down the stretch.”
 Rick Pitino - “We're going to have some trouble there because he's much more experienced. He's like what you would expect of Terrance Farley as a senior. He's got good offensive moves in the low post he's very long, rebounds well. So he's someone we're concerned about, and we have to stay out of foul trouble.”
 Rick Pitino - “On every team, if you have a point guard who thinks pass before shot, you're in trouble. You need a point guard to think pass before shot, and that's what he does.”
 Rick Pitino - “You certainly don't want to do what we did at Kentucky. I remember calling the third timeout and asking my players, 'When will it dawn on you guys that you can't take it to him, you have to pass it early or pull up How many blocked shots will it take for you guys to realize he's a good shot blocker' In this game, it's the same way. You've got to understand when you can take it in there and when you can't and you've got to obviously pick your spots.”
 Rick Pitino - “I just don't deal with the negativity. I can't get involved in that side of it. I don't understand it, and you can't let it take away from your life and what you are trying to do.”
 Rick Pitino - “This wasn't a good victory. It was a great victory.”
 Rick Pitino - “We got a good victory. We didn't turn the ball over much and we worked very hard at the defensive end.”

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