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 Rick Pitino - “The whole NIT we're playing great defense, that's what we're trying to stress. We talked about, we can't hang our heads because we had injuries, we can't hang our heads because we're young. If you can head to the NIT Final Four, it means you're playing good basketball.”
 Rick Pitino - “Hicks is inch-for-inch, pound-for-pound the toughest player in basketball. We played really good defense against a good ball club.”
 Rick Pitino - “Basketball-wise, this is as good as it gets. The competition will be on the court and in recruiting and that's huge.”
 Rick Pitino - “College basketball today is about perimeter play. The days of a dominant center, like Patrick Ewing, are gone. Today you don't keep centers in college basketball. They go pro. ... I really think the idea that a perimeter-oriented team can't win it is way overblown.”
 Rick Pitino - “Our message the whole week has been, we're going to be in this type of atmosphere seven or eight times this year. It's a very strong home-court advantage, as strong as it gets in college basketball.”
 Rick Pitino - “I am really not pleased with the improvement that we are making. I think our guys are having a very difficult time putting together 40 minutes of basketball. Yes we are playing a lot of different players. Our fours and fives have to play bigger, they play too small. They have the size to play big, but they don't play big with their intimidation of challenging shots.”
 Rick Pitino - “That was an extremely disappointing loss for us, about as disappointing as we've had. To play such good basketball and come away empty-handed is an empty feeling to say the least. We played well enough to get a 'W' and we didn't.”
 Rick Pitino - “I agree with his decision. It's in his best interests for his basketball future. We wish him well with his future plans.”
 Rick Pitino - “We're like a baseball team that can't hit. The pitcher has to throw a four- or five-hitter every time out.”
 Rick Pitino - “Billy coached as perfect a game as I've ever seen in a national championship game. It reminded me of 1987 when he carried an average Providence team to the final weekend.”
 Rick Pitino - “He's as tough a son of a gun as I've ever coached. As a person, he is just what you want. He represents the kind of person and player you want to build your program around. As a player, he has become one of the great shooters ever to play here. And his attitude is tremendous. His work ethic and dedication are off the charts.”
 Rick Pitino - “Pittsburgh is as good as it gets. It would not be a surprise to see them go on and have a great NCAA Tournament run. They have all the attributes, all the things you look for in a great basketball team. They've got great upperclassmen, talented freshmen that blend in terrific, depth. They can withstand foul trouble. They're extremely well coached. They attack inside-to-out. They're big on the backboard. They're tough.”
 Rick Pitino - “What it shows you is that not only are they not afraid of competition, but the name Louisville is certainly not going to intimidate this team one bit.”
 Rick Pitino - “People are going to start recognizing his coaching ability.”
 Rick Pitino - “I was hoping they would have that type of game. I was hoping they'd save that for us. So we're probably going to see a different Syracuse team because they do have great pride in their ability. They need the game and we need the game, so it should be a heck of a ballgame.”
 Rick Pitino - “Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.”

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