My Favorite Quotes
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 Plutarch - “His thrust, however, was somewhat feeble, owing to the inflammation in his hand,”
 Plutarch - “The first evil those who are prone to talk suffer, is that they hear nothing.”
 Plutarch - “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”
 Plutarch - “Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself.”
 Plutarch - “Fate leads him who follows it, and drags him who resist.”
 Plutarch - “Character is long-standing habit.”
 Plutarch - “I would rather excel in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and possessions.”
 Plutarch - “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”
 Plutarch - “No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.”
 Plutarch - “Moral habits, induced by public practices, are far quicker in making their way into men's private lives, than the failings and faults of individuals are in infecting the city at large.”
 Plutarch - “I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod my shadow does that much better.”
 Plutarch - “Abstain from beans.”
 Plutarch - “The whole life is but a point of time let us enjoy it, therefore, while it lasts, and not spend it to no purpose.”
 Plutarch - “Time is the wisest of all counselors”
 Plutarch - “Pythagoras, when he was asked what time was, answered that it was the soul of this world”
 Plutarch - “The whole life of man is but a point of time let us enjoy it, therefore, while it lasts, and not spend it to no purpose”
 Plutarch - “Also the two-edged tongue of mighty Zeno, who, Say what one would, could argue it untrue”
 Plutarch - “Distressed valor challenges great respect, even from an enemy.”
 Plutarch - “It is the admirer of himself, and not the admirer of virtue, that thinks himself superior to others”
 Plutarch - “Pittacus said, Every one of you hath his particular plague, and my wife is mine and he is very happy who hath this only”
 Plutarch - “Themosticles said The Athenians govern the Greeks I govern the Athenians you, my wife, govern me your son governs you”
 Plutarch - “Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.”
 Plutarch - “When the candles are out all women are fair”
 Plutarch - “If all the world were just, there would be no need of valor”
 Plutarch - “For to err in opinion, though it be not the part of wise men, is at least human.”

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