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 Ricky Ponting - “We have played so well that the guys have really made my job fairly easy.”
 Ricky Ponting - “There was a real good mood in our room after the game. It doesn't feel like a win, it just feels like we have worked extremely hard.”
 Ricky Ponting - “It's nice to put your hand up and do the big things the team requires of you.”
 Ricky Ponting - “It was a long, hard, tough day. We managed to just sneak through, it was an unbelievable Test match.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I've told the guys to keep their heads up. I really believe we played a great game here.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I had big shoes to fill, but the way we have been playing has made the transition easy.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I thought I had let the whole thing slip, I must admit. It's been mentally draining. The emotions have been up and down all day.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I had a little tantrum when I got out and sat in the dressing room with my head down for a while because I thought the game had slipped away from us.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I thought it was going to lob over me. I turned around and took a few steps sideways and thought I had it covered and all of a sudden found I didn't have it covered, then just stuck my hand out and it managed to stay in.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I don't know. I haven't thought about it,”
 Ricky Ponting - “I thought I had let the whole thing slip,”
 Ricky Ponting - “Around the team I would have thought I have done most things right along the way,”
 Ricky Ponting - “You would have thought over 400 would be enough. But Herschelle and the boys were too good and they deserved their win.”
 Ricky Ponting - “We have to look at it pretty closely, the last thing we want now are guys going into the second Test match that are fatigued and come up with an injury that could put them out for a long period of time.”
 Ricky Ponting - “It's great for someone like Andrew to be able to come back into the side. He's a very important member of our team, he gives us more depth in all areas and it's a handy time in the series for him to be coming back.”
 Ricky Ponting - “Sri Lanka pushed us all the way. We've been tested and bounced back stronger every time.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I thought it was an excellent all-round performance tonight. We always try and time our run during these competitions and build our momentum and we're getting better each match.”
 Ricky Ponting - “You'd like to have Brett in your side all the time, but we've got to try to manage the side as well as we can and manage him as well as we can. He's been a great weapon for us in both forms of the game over the last 12 months and we've just got to be a little bit careful with him.”
 Ricky Ponting - “We have relied heavily on Warne and McGrath and, as a captain, I will always go to those two guys because I know they will give me pretty much what I ask for every time,”
 Ricky Ponting - “I don't need to say much about a track where someone like Clarke can take six wickets in no time.”
 Ricky Ponting - “The whole issue has been spoken about for a long time over the course of the summer. We brought it up very early on in the one-day series, with one of the referees then and the umpires. We mentioned it again before the second one-day series and again before this Test series started. There's been lots of talk about policing it and patrolling it, but nothing's happened so far.”
 Ricky Ponting - “We're just trying to pick the best team for this game, first and foremost, but he's a young bloke who is hopefully going to be around the team for a long time.”
 Ricky Ponting - “We've probably never been in this situation before, where we're going into the last match of a series having to win to draw the series. I can't remember that in a long time,”
 Ricky Ponting - “I'd still rank England second. We're No. 1 for what we've done over a long period of time. They're a definite threat and if they keep going they will get even closer.”
 Ricky Ponting - “Cricket just takes a back seat, however much time he needs he's got. He's said his intention is to keep playing, but we'll just have to see how things unfold over the next weeks.”

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