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 Ricky Ponting - “I am totally against drop-in wickets anywhere in the world, it takes all the character away from the grounds,”
 Ricky Ponting - “I felt like I started pretty well and probably got worse as the innings went on,”
 Ricky Ponting - “Looking back, I think I was wrong with what I said.”
 Ricky Ponting - “We're out there appealing every time we think something's out. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I guess at different times if they can't (execute plans) well then it might look like I have done something wrong or I am doing something wrong,”
 Ricky Ponting - “It hurt him a lot not taking part in the last test match so he will be pretty keen to prove everybody wrong.”
 Ricky Ponting - “Looking back I think I was wrong in what I said. I think Bangladesh probably do deserve their Test status.”
 Ricky Ponting - “Glenn McGrath six years younger, that's exactly what he's done for us.”
 Ricky Ponting - “The programming has been pretty tight the last couple of years and I'm sure that quite a few players worldwide would be concerned about another tournament being included.”
 Ricky Ponting - “He's another one who's game has developed a lot over the last couple of years,”
 Ricky Ponting - “Langer has done everything this week to indicate he's ok. He's had a few hits in the nets and did some sprint work yesterday.”
 Ricky Ponting - “It's always good to win a Test match and if you win it comfortably, it can leave a few psychological marks on opposition sides.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I have made my thoughts on it (sledging) well known over the last couple of years. We are more than happy to be talking to opposition players in the field so long as it is not personal or abusive.”
 Ricky Ponting - “They're England number two in the world now and have played excellent cricket of late, and I think both sides match up particularly well.”
 Ricky Ponting - “He bowled well against them for Victoria (taking two wickets) and I am sure there will be some nerves because this is a bigger stage,”
 Ricky Ponting - “We will have to wait until the morning to see Shane bowl in order to determine the team.”
 Ricky Ponting - “I wouldn't take him at 60 or 70 percent fitness. He has to be right to bowl not just on Thursday morning but every morning of the match.”
 Ricky Ponting - “He's had a pretty solid workout this morning and did a lot of running between the wickets in the nets, he's done a bit of extra running I think after that as well.”
 Ricky Ponting - “If you look at the first morning in Brisbane when we were 4-111, I think their intensity was up pretty high then,”
 Ricky Ponting - “We've probably got a decent first innings total already but hopefully we can start well in the morning and push on towards 400,”
 Ricky Ponting - “Looking back on the series I think the ruthless edge probably was missing. The ruthless edge that comes from those really tough, big, defining moments in Test matches,”
 Ricky Ponting - “They've certainly got a very good model in place. I think they've had a really good look at us over the last three or four years,”
 Ricky Ponting - “Looking back, I think I was wrong with what I said. I think I was speaking from an ideal world point of view, and not putting much emphasis into the growth of the game in world cricket, that is where I made the mistake. Maybe Bangladesh having Test status will take the game forward because that's what it is all about.”
 Ricky Ponting - “He'd certainly be pushing for it, yeah. I think he has been and the stats would probably back it up. Time and time again he takes wickets with that new ball. Once you get one or two down with that new ball and he's still in the middle of a spell it's going to be hard work for any opposition side.”
 Ricky Ponting - “To have a week off in the middle of the season feels like a lot longer I think, so I feel really good. Hopefully I can go out there and get some runs.”

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