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 Anatol Popovich - “Against good teams like that, two goals is a big lead. We didn't give up, but two goals is hard to overcome.”
 Gregg Popovich - “You can't give them a 13-point (lead) and expect to come back unless you play a perfect game. And we certainly didn't do that.”
 Gregg Popovich - “You want to give everyone a run so they get in shape.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Mutombo did a good job tonight. Whether it changes the series, I dont know.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Denver competed for 48 minutes. After we spotted them 18 points, we decided to compete. That's just not good enough.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Sean Marks you know he's feeling good. He's sat on that pine a long time, but that's about the third or fourth time (in the past two weeks) he's come in and did a great job for us.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Indiana was just as good as anybody but they blew it up. And there are three or four teams out West just like those in the East.”
 Gregg Popovich - “The guy hasn't played in five months or something like that. We're not just going to throw that guy in there just because he's a scorer. ... It's not like I'm going home and beating my head against the wall about how I'm going to get him in the rotation.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Rob made a hell of a read.”
 Gregg Popovich - “That's for other people to decide. We approach it exactly as every other year. Our big mantra is boring as hell. We don't want to skip any steps.”
 Gregg Popovich - “We just played a great team. I don't know how the hell we did it, but I am thrilled.”
 Gregg Popovich - “It was a typical preseason game, where everybody wants to get the thing (exhibitions) over with and you hope nobody gets hurt,”
 Gregg Popovich - “I hope he's strong and he's healthy in the end. It will not only be good for Phoenix but the league.”
 Gregg Popovich - “It was a typical preseason game, where everybody wants to get the thing (exhibitions) over with and you hope nobody gets hurt.”
 Gregg Popovich - “You know, people foul out and get hurt. That's about it.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Everybody is more organized and feels comfortable. They have a better idea of when they are coming into the game and how long they will play.”
 Gregg Popovich - “I have no idea. That's a subjective sort of situation. . . . I just know we started out poorly and we got better as the game went along.”
 Gregg Popovich - “They know we didn't kick anybody's butt in the playoffs. There are still six, seven teams that can win the championship and we're one of them. But we don't have any illusions about who we are.”
 Gregg Popovich - “We are very happy to have Nick as a part of our team. His leadership and skills will be assets at both ends of the floor.”
 Gregg Popovich - “I thought they were more committed, more aggressive, more physical. The only guy who maintained his effort on the boards was Tim (Duncan). We're going to need more help from our guards.”
 Gregg Popovich - “Orlando did a great job. They showed us why they are the hottest team in the league. They did a very good job. I thought it was a bad performance on our part.”
 Gregg Popovich - “They competed harder for more minutes than us. I thought Denver did a good job of making it men and boys for a good part of the game.”
 Gregg Popovich - “I thought the Nuggets competed for 48 minutes. We made too many mistakes, turnovers and missed shots.”
 Gregg Popovich - “I thought it was a bad performance on our part. It's a shame (Duncan) was feeling good and sprightly and we wasted it because the whole team wasn't reacting.”
 Gregg Popovich - “If Tony can take what he did tonight and continue to improve, we're obviously going to be a much better team than the way we've been playing. I thought he did a great job of getting to the lane and more importantly finishing.”

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