My Favorite Quotes
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 Romano Prodi - “Nobody can be rich and stupid for more than one generation.”
 Romano Prodi - “He should jump up on it, it would give him more stature.”
 Romano Prodi - “I've been working on the government agenda for a few days now. There is no problem (regarding Berlusconi), it doesn't impede our actions. But it's sad.”
 Romano Prodi - “The government is the same as that formed after the April 1996 elections, ... The core of our programs has not changed.”
 Romano Prodi - “Before he was more a guest and a protagonist. Now he's one of the Eight,”
 Romano Prodi - “The truck will touch the country's problems first hand,”
 Romano Prodi - “The mission is called 'Alba' (dawn), ... And this could be the dawn in the history of Albania, the rebirth of Albania.”
 Romano Prodi - “I hope everything goes as steadily and as serenely as possible.”
 Romano Prodi - “I hope the political vacuum doesn't go on for too long.”
 Romano Prodi - “American steel industry even more protection.”
 Romano Prodi - “Try to imagine the situation that would be created by a 10 to 15 day power vacuum. And how do you think the international economic circles would react.”
 Romano Prodi - “Italy knows it needs harmony.”
 Romano Prodi - “Italy can't be just considered a prey.”
 Romano Prodi - “We are ready to cooperate to get a replacement (governor) as soon as possible so Italy can win back the prestige it has lost.”
 Romano Prodi - “Italy wants to help Albania to reconstruct the state and to have quick democratic, transparent elections,”
 Romano Prodi - “I think it's arriving very late, we've been asking for it for months. But we could not have the reform on savings because the governing coalition did not agree on it.”
 Romano Prodi - “The problem of Italy is not really a question of age. Japan has an older population, and it is now in full economic recovery. The problem is that Italy is old in the structure of the society.”
 Romano Prodi - “The Italian economy is certainly the weakest of the big European countries.”
 Romano Prodi - “No one wants to lose their job, or cede the power they've acquired.”
 Romano Prodi - “I don't want to pass a punitive law, or use politics as a vendetta.”
 Romano Prodi - “I am not overconfident.”
 Romano Prodi - “Democracies must have equilibrium... and the entanglement of politics and information must be minimized.”
 Romano Prodi - “But Italy can only have any real influence on world affairs if it carries weight in Europe.”
 Romano Prodi - “He uses statistics like a drunk uses lamp-posts, more for support than illumination.”
 Romano Prodi - “Think what a revolution it will be if we manage to get everyone to pay their taxes.”

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