My Favorite Quotes
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 Romano Prodi - “Italy is divided between us and them, rich and poor, north and south, young and old, employed and unemployed.”
 Romano Prodi - “I don't think the fight against terrorism is better because of the war in Iraq, ... Clearly, it is not.”
 Romano Prodi - “It is time to heed the popular will. Time for a speedy, peaceful transition to democracy. Europe stands ready to welcome the new Serbia with open arms,”
 Romano Prodi - “About time, better late than never.”
 Romano Prodi - “He is the premier. The interior minister belongs to his government, he wanted the electoral law. Now it doesn't seem to me the time for complaints because it is really out of line.”
 Romano Prodi - “Now it's up to us to form a new government in the time scale that will be set out by the president.”
 Romano Prodi - “There are times when the welfare system may appear as an impediment to growth. Yet the drive for growth should always bear in mind the fact that people also need security,”
 Romano Prodi - “the Europe of today is the not the Europe of the 1930s and 1940s.”
 Romano Prodi - “We have won ... from today we turn a page.”
 Romano Prodi - “In the darkest days of European history, America stood close by us and today we stand close by America, nothing will ever be the same.”
 Romano Prodi - “This is a tragedy for the whole of Italy.”
 Romano Prodi - “because this is not my trial.”
 Romano Prodi - “We'll work for our electors but also to gain the trust of those who legitimately voted for the other coalition.”
 Romano Prodi - “I do not know what he's talking about. Since he controls everything, he doesn't trust himself.”
 Romano Prodi - “needs to know the truth.”
 Romano Prodi - “Well, he (Berlusconi) is unable to lose, to admit that we won. He will never do (it). He is absolutely unable to admit the truth.”
 Romano Prodi - “There are terrible living conditions and unhappiness, (even) where everybody is Italian.”
 Romano Prodi - “We look forward to receiving your application to join the union,”
 Romano Prodi - “We have won. It's useless for Berlusconi to find excuses or cause delays. He must go home.”
 Romano Prodi - “Finally the electoral affair is over. Italians have no more doubts about our victory.”
 Romano Prodi - “The longer the torment, the sweeter the victory.”
 Romano Prodi - “I am grateful to all of you because it has been a very difficult battle. Until the very end we were left in suspense, but in the end victory has arrived.”
 Romano Prodi - “We will work to deserve the trust that our voters have shown us and to earn the trust of those who have legitimately decided to vote for the other coalition.”
 Romano Prodi - “After what he said about vote-rigging, he should ask for forgiveness.”
 Romano Prodi - “They vote and they're part of the Senate.”

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