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 Romano Prodi - “This would be a very grave violation of a law of state, the law on equal access, which defends democracy by preventing overexposure in the media. Laws of state are made to be observed.”
 Romano Prodi - “I ask you all to keep patient. This delay is incomprehensible.”
 Romano Prodi - “I am waiting for the future development of the case, but I've seen a deep involvement on the part of American political authorities.”
 Romano Prodi - “Our agenda was written since the beginning of the year. There is no correlation between our decision and the Turkish election,”
 Romano Prodi - “Accepting unanimity as a rule for decision-making means no decision will be taken. The right of veto spells deadlock for the union,”
 Romano Prodi - “It's the logical consequence of a wrong decision,”
 Romano Prodi - “We need to take a good look at the accounts, speak to the European Commission and to take a rapid decision.”
 Romano Prodi - “Everyone has agreed to accept the decision which won't be a difficult one although it could be painful, as with all such decisions.”
 Romano Prodi - “It is not going to be a difficult decision, even if it is obviously going to be a painful one.”
 Romano Prodi - “The Constitutional decision is that probably it will be the new President who will decide to give me the responsibility to govern. So we would have to wait until the second half of May.”
 Romano Prodi - “This data is worse than what had been given to the European Commission. There's an increase in debt for a second year in a row after there had been such an effort made to lower it.”
 Romano Prodi - “If he passes up the right to his press conference, then I will move heaven and earth to be at the debate. It's no problem, there have already been two and Berlusconi himself refused to take part in one last time round in 2001. It's not the end of the world if one of us refuses.”
 Romano Prodi - “a serious danger that must be met with eyes wide open.”
 Romano Prodi - “The Italians are particularly wary of mission creep. Alluding to the Somalia nightmare, ... involved in never-ending fighting.”
 Romano Prodi - “Finally this electoral story is over. After the court ruling, Italians have no further doubts about our victory. Now we are working for a strong government and to resolve the problems of Italian society.”
 Romano Prodi - “So when you are faced with a decision on the euro, it is not surprising that many people are confused. They still try to squeeze the euro debate into the old language. But deep down it is a matter of deciding where one's future lies. It is a matter of political will and courage.”
 Romano Prodi - “We believe in this country, we believe in its determination to become a full member of the European institutions,”
 Romano Prodi - “Our position will not change. The situation in this country has steadily worsened. Our position is not different to that of the majority of American public opinion and is not far from what the Italian government is expressing today when it says it will withdraw before the end of 2006.”
 Romano Prodi - “The country needs to breathe, it needs to soar, it needs joy, it needs to recover.”
 Romano Prodi - “Having won the election, with this result we can govern the country for five years.”
 Romano Prodi - “The country is divided ... it was a very difficult battle, until the last minute we were on the edge of the razor but in the end victory arrived.”
 Romano Prodi - “We have won, and now we have to start working to implement our program and unify the country, The center-right contests that the center-left has won.”
 Romano Prodi - “I have nothing personal against Berlusconi. I just want to set policies that are typical of any modern democratic country.”
 Romano Prodi - “Berlusconi is no longer fit to lead our country.”
 Romano Prodi - “Mine is not only an appeal to go to the polls, but a call for the reconstruction of the country. Only together can we make it.”

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