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 Romano Prodi - “It is a completely straightforward victory. We have a majority in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and we will work and govern the country well.”
 Romano Prodi - “It's necessary to restore the credibility of a great country like Italy and therefore time is a strategic factor.”
 Romano Prodi - “We have won, and now we have to start working to implement our program and unify the country. Until the very end we were left in suspense, but in the end victory has arrived.”
 Romano Prodi - “We won the elections and we have the right and the duty to govern. We will do so in the service and interests of all the country.”
 Romano Prodi - “Moreover, resolving the mother of all problems - the Israeli-Palestinian question - requires cooperation between Europe and the U.S.”
 Romano Prodi - “We can govern for five years. Of course we'll need cooperation.”
 Romano Prodi - “We can govern for five years. Of course we'll need cooperation, but last night I said we would work for all Italians, not just some of them.”
 Romano Prodi - “We are taking collectively very big decisions -- for (powers of) arrest, for money laundering -- in all the chapters where we need new cooperation against terrorists,”
 Romano Prodi - “Public spending is out of control ... this is a real crisis.”
 Romano Prodi - “It is becoming more widely acknowledged that it is better to have a good constitution than not having a perfect one.”
 Romano Prodi - “They won't still believe his lies. They have believed him once, have seen the consequences, and will decide accordingly.”
 Romano Prodi - “confuse terrorism with the Iraqi war.”
 Romano Prodi - “It's bizarre that the head of government is the one who is spreading fear and undermining confidence in democracy.”
 Romano Prodi - “Berlusconi has been trying to spread concern and in spite of his defeat he continues to cast doubt on the legality of our victory. I can assure you there is no doubt about our victory.”
 Romano Prodi - “I asked the industrialists to choose, to make a decision, because the problems facing this country are not only the concern of government, but a matter for everyone.”
 Romano Prodi - “The day after I'll win elections, I'll set a detailed calendar for troop withdrawal. Italy's sole commitment will be for reconstruction and aid.”
 Romano Prodi - “Italy's sole commitment will be for reconstruction and aid.”
 Romano Prodi - “It's time that we close this strange comedy and move forward.”
 Romano Prodi - “The game is over. And I'm glad. It's time to recognize our victory so that this strange comedy can end and we can move on like we should.”
 Romano Prodi - “The arrogance of this majority got a clear and strong response, ... It's really a lot of people telling Berlusconi to go home.”
 Romano Prodi - “It is a clear sign of commitment to closer relations between the EU and Russia,”
 Romano Prodi - “clear sign of closer relations”
 Romano Prodi - “Russia was very clear and very positive on EU enlargement. It is in complete contrast to their view of NATO enlargement,”
 Romano Prodi - “Victory is now clear in both houses of parliament.”
 Romano Prodi - “Are we all clear that we want to build something that can aspire to be a world power - not just a trading bloc, but a political entity”

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