My Favorite Quotes
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 Romano Prodi - “Today the voters have given a clear message. That the arrogance of the government will not succeed,”
 Romano Prodi - “a choice for stability and growth, as well as for the peaceful reunification of Europe and the European people.”
 Romano Prodi - “The Lithuanian voters have made a historic choice over this weekend, one which I am sure is the right one,”
 Romano Prodi - “Premier Zhu confirmed that China is committed to overcoming the last obstacles.”
 Romano Prodi - “When you fight so hard and do not reach the goal, we must see this as a defeat for me, a defeat for our campaign. Denmark has spoken -- our people the Danes have spoken -- and I'm very pleased that so many Danes have cast their vote, ... We will continue along our path.”
 Romano Prodi - “The primaries are a great chance to discuss politics in depth, to get ready for an electoral campaign that will be very difficult, and one in which money and media won't be on our side,”
 Romano Prodi - “They have asked me to play the referee and I'll do this with serenity and calm.”
 Romano Prodi - “I hope that everything will take place in a fair and calm manner.”
 Romano Prodi - “There are still no names for the cabinet ... I've seen 10,000 names (mentioned).”
 Romano Prodi - “A government which can't agree on the most important and defining part of its business, the budget, so that the economy minister is forced to resign must do just one thing quit.”
 Romano Prodi - “If you are in politics, you must be out of business, at least in those areas that are regulated by the government.”
 Romano Prodi - “a very significant initiative, and both the EU and Russia will benefit from it.”
 Romano Prodi - “We have won by a whisker, now we must begin to govern.”
 Romano Prodi - “Now let's leave these things aside and begin to work for the country.”
 Romano Prodi - “The electoral result will force us to work with greater attention.”
 Romano Prodi - “an attack against a diplomat in such circumstances is an attack against democracy, the founding principle of the European Union.”
 Romano Prodi - “If the army has nothing to hide, there is no reason to delay from going forward. For Israel, this is a chance to show the world that it has nothing to hide.”
 Romano Prodi - “They will be present. It was part of the electoral agreement.”
 Romano Prodi - “I hope that the intermediate period won't last too long, and I also hope that there will the possibility for the technical exchange of information, the advice which is necessary at these kinds of moments.”
 Romano Prodi - “are all under attack, and we behave with a joint action because of that.”
 Romano Prodi - “It should not have waited until we were forced to count the dead to take action.”

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