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 Tim Purpura - “The amount of hitting he's done in the last three, four weeks, facing Brandon twice, and facing pitchers in game situation, 10-15 at-bats will probably give a pretty good read.”
 Tim Purpura - “It's really just to evaluate where he's at. Dr. Andrews may give us some ideas, some other things Bagwell could be doing to continue the process.”
 Tim Purpura - “I've run out of words to describe him. It looks like he's doing it with ease. But I know he's gutting it out, running it out. ... He's conquered the mental side of it as good as anybody I've ever seen.”
 Tim Purpura - “We had good conversations. We're still working towards trying to get things settled, but I wouldn't say at this point we're real close to a deal or anything.”
 Tim Purpura - “His meniscus looked good, and his ACL looked outstanding.”
 Tim Purpura - “It's a significant injury. We're hopeful that it will heal within six weeks. We hope to know that it's healing, but it may not heal. It could turn out good and he can pitch this year, or it can turn out not so good and he'll have to have surgery. We just don't know right now.”
 Tim Purpura - “One caller said that when he called in May, he said I was a moron, ... He said I'm no longer a moron. So, I feel pretty good about that.”
 Tim Purpura - “We had more questions than answers. But even through the bad days in April and May, we were developing. We were seeing some good things in every game.”
 Tim Purpura - “Either one of them could be a good option for us,”
 Tim Purpura - “It probably sets us back a little bit, but we'll sit down with the trainers and get an idea which way to head right now.”
 Tim Purpura - “It's a way to remember him and honor him for all he did for Enos.”
 Tim Purpura - “I would hope so, unless something dramatic happens.”
 Tim Purpura - “So far, we have traded e-mails and hope to set up a meeting within the next several days.”
 Tim Purpura - “When you sign a player, you hope he gets to the big leagues with you, but if not, you hope he gets to the big leagues with someone else.”
 Tim Purpura - “It's going to be a day-to-day thing. You want to get him rehabbed, but you want to get an idea of where he stands. It's not like we're going to be in position where we'll hold him back from the activity if he could do the activity.”
 Tim Purpura - “We just don't have enough information right now.”
 Tim Purpura - “He went through the lab, he had X-rays, he met with Dr. Andrews. There's no further information.”
 Tim Purpura - “The issue that he's having has really been resolved from the surgery. He's got great extension now. By getting extension back 100 percent, he'll also be able to build his strength easier. I think he's now less of a liability from an injury point of view now than he would have been before.”
 Tim Purpura - “It all revolves around what Roger wants to do, what his interest level is and what he's comfortable with.”
 Tim Purpura - “We haven't even thought about it or talked about it, ... After the 18-inning game, he might have said, 'See you later guys.'”
 Tim Purpura - “It's not unexpected because we thought all four of these guys were legitimate candidates, and so far they've proven to be that. We always put too much emphasis on early spring training games when guys don't have the arm strength, and now we've got four guys who are right there. It's always nice in this game to have some depth and have some pitching.”
 Tim Purpura - “That's when he cemented an impression on me. I thought, 'OK, we got one.' I'll never forget that performance because that showed what his character was and his makeup.”
 Tim Purpura - “He has had to scratch and claw his way back. This experience has been hard on him. I don't think he or we thought it would take anywhere near this long. But it brought out the competitor in him.”
 Tim Purpura - “They thought he really swung hard. I think it was a psychological lift for him, coming back the second day and not feeling bad, feeling like he could let it go.”
 Tim Purpura - “It's not his arm, it's not his elbow. It's nothing that should keep him out for an extended period of time. It doesn't appear to be a disabled list situation.”

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