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 Tim Purpura - “He had a much better year last year than he did the year before, hitting .245 in Double-A. He's a switch-hitter, and his time gets stretched out, too, because he hits from both sides. He's still on the radar screen. He's not off by any stretch.”
 Tim Purpura - “We've got some time here. We all feel bad. It's a difficult situation for everybody.”
 Tim Purpura - “We're trying to get some objective information. A healthy Jeff Bagwell is what we want. If he can't be a full-time player, we have to figure out if we can collect on the insurance or not.”
 Tim Purpura - “This year is completely different. He has some back issues and some hamstring issues. His last month was not of the caliber that the first five months were. He was not in the same physical condition. He's a phenomenal physical specimen, but he's also a human being. There are things that happen through the course of time that nobody can stave off.”
 Tim Purpura - “I know he's a free swinger, but at least half his strikeouts this spring have been looking. That leads me to believe that he's trying to be more aware of the strike zone. He's still going to strike out a high percentage of the time. But he's more cognizant of it, and is trying to get better pitches to hit.”
 Tim Purpura - “When you've been teammates that long, you're going to go through some ups and downs. They've gone through some down times.”
 Tim Purpura - “It does cause some awkward times at the end of August, ... We had to send out a couple of kids we liked at the end of the month on our pitching staff and we had to bring up some other guys the next day.”
 Tim Purpura - “I saw him earlier today, and he gave me a little wink. He said, 'I got a few in me,' ... I didn't think it would be that many. He's mythic, in my mind.”
 Tim Purpura - “We've got another goal in mind for next year and the year's after but we could not have done this without (the fans). You stayed with us in April and May when we struggled. You stayed with us in June, July and August. And, now you are here to celebrate with us today. You're a big part of why we have been successful,”
 Tim Purpura - “You can't protect everybody you'd like to protect and at the time he was pitching in low-A ball and hadn't fared as well as some of our other prospects. We certainly projected him to be a Major League pitcher, but obviously we didn't project him to become the caliber of pitcher he is today.”
 Tim Purpura - “There's nothing conclusive. We're going to do the MRI (today) and should know a little bit better. He's got a problem with the shoulder, but we don't know the extent of it now.”
 Tim Purpura - “There was really nothing you can take from today other than he got out there. He fielded his position fine. You're not going to know anything until he makes some throws.”
 Tim Purpura - “When he left, he wasn't violently ill. It was just a touch of the flu. I was more worried about his start tomorrow. Now that he will get a full day of rest, I think he should be OK. We don't start playing until Wednesday.”
 Tim Purpura - “There are no issues at all that we're aware of. Our hope is to get the roof open by tomorrow to hopefully get some sun on the field -- if there's any sun to be had.”
 Tim Purpura - “I think he's a key member of our team. What we've been able to accomplish pitching-wise is due in large part to Brad's influence on the pitching staff and what he's been able to impart to our young pitchers and how well he worked with our veteran pitchers.”
 Tim Purpura - “There's nobody giving up. Nobody is hanging their head. Nobody is saying, 'We were this close to the World Series,'”
 Tim Purpura - “I'm as proud to see Freddy Garcia pitching in the World Series as I am to see Raul Chavez playing in the World Series,”
 Tim Purpura - “It's nice to not have to worry about that spot. Catching is the hardest thing to find quality. You look at clubs tying up their catchers -- the Reds with Jason LaRue, us with Ausmus -- clubs are trying to hold onto those guys. They're quality guys and they're dependable.”
 Tim Purpura - “The fact that it's not getting worse in one area, not being a medical person, I would imagine that's a positive.”
 Tim Purpura - “Nothing was wrong with the elbow, but it just didn't feel right, ... There were times when it just didn't feel right.”
 Tim Purpura - “Brad has been a huge part of our success the past few years. We are all real proud of the success he's had.”
 Tim Purpura - “He's a good man. He's helped a lot of our pitchers over the years. A guy like Charley is one of the reasons we've had such a productive pitching program.”
 Tim Purpura - “I do expect him to be limited in some sort. He's coming off major surgery and he's had some major issues over the last several years. I don't expect any player who's going through that type of thing to come on board and just all of a sudden be able to do everything on a full-activity basis.”
 Tim Purpura - “Two years ago, he was on course, and then had some injury issues the next year that held him back. He had a good year last year, and these days, the key to this coming season is to build on what he started last year.”
 Tim Purpura - “Yesterday he came to the ballpark and felt very, very good. Better than expected. He let it loose in all of his at-bats.”

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