My Favorite Quotes
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 Ashraf Qazi - “The urgency to form a broad-based government or a government of national unity in view of these challenges is absolutely essential.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “Recent developments have made negotiations on government formation more difficult. This has created a dangerous and elongated political vacuum.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “As far as international observers are concerned, unfortunately the security situation has acted as a deterrent.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “The cloud of pessimism that has further darkened as a result of recent developments has to be lifted. While sectarian fissures have always been an integral part of Iraq's political history, today they have come to dominate and almost define Iraq's politics and its future prospects.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “We would hope for an improved security environment because otherwise many people who may wish to participate would be deterred.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “The protracted negotiations between the political parties required a resolution at the earliest opportunity.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “We hope that the lessons learned in the January election and the referendum will enable them to perform even better.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “One should look at consolidating the right to life instead of imposing the death penalty which has a very poor recognized effect in deterring crimes,”
 Ashraf Qazi - “The signs are good. All credit first to the people of Iraq to come out and refuse to show any voter fatigue in the third vote this year and then to the government and the IECI and to all the parties who have campaigned and participated by and large peacefully.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “the curriculum will be in line with that of any other advanced country.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “There is a control on the level of violence which is still at a worrisome level, but there is a definite control over the immediate potential for it to escalate.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “Everything must now be done to help the negotiating parties reach a sustainable compromise as quickly as possible.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “Neighboring countries and the region are responsible for sending a clear message to the Iraqi people that they are supporting the political process in Iraq.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “I have invited political, religious and civil leaders to discuss confidence-building measures to ensure the situation remains under control.”
 Ashraf Qazi - “They created their state. Fine. Now that everybody has accepted it as a fait accompli, there was also acceptance of a Palestinian state. The Israelis, on one pretext or another, have not granted them that state. And every time something comes up in the Security Council, America vetoes it.”