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 Zhang Qiyue - “I would like to point out that such a way of dealing with the situation does not constitute a precedent for resolving similar situations in the future,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We already noticed that some senior U.S. government officials have made irresponsible remarks,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We hope to see real progress in this round of talks.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We think it violates the international maritime law and we have made several representations to the U.S. side,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “The entire process of the trial in this case also was conducted in strict legal compliance, and the rights and interests of the defendant was protected in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “Since the two chief weapons inspectors say they need more time for the weapons inspections, I think that's reasonable,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “They want to ignore the facts, confusing right and wrong and want to shift responsibility onto others, and we express our strong dissatisfaction with this.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We have enough evidence to prove that it was the U.S. plane that violated flight rules by suddenly veering in a wide angle at the Chinese plane in normal flight, rammed into and damaged it, resulting in the loss of the Chinese pilot.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “Our stance is to maintain peace and stability, and to reach settlement through dialogue,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “Both sides had a deep and broad discussion on the nuclear issue in North Korea, and exchanged views on the issue. Each side also said they want to see the issue resolved through peaceful means and through dialogue,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We are not in favor of the involvement in this matter of any country which has nothing to do with this issue.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We think that this a very dangerous step on the road to split the country.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “against any country that launches terrorist attacks through organizations or individuals.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “Our position on this question is clear NATO must immediately halt the bombing of Yugoslavia as a necessary precondition for solving the Kosovo crisis. The bombing should stop before the Security Council discusses this issue.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “As for the few North Koreans who have illegally entered China in recent years, looking from the perspectives of international law and the purpose of their entry these people are not refugees,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “All members of the international community should make due efforts in accordance with that. China will make its own utmost effort to help promote the inspection process in accordance with the U.N. Security Resolution 1441.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China is a country ruled by law and those specific cases will be processed according to law.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “As to the details which you asked about, I don't know. But I want to stress that the relevant departments in China responsible for the case will try the case in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China-U.S. relations, though having encountered difficulties recently, now have momentum for improvement.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “This warning is very wrong and highly irresponsible. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this,”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China hopes all sides will deepen their discussions based on previously reached agreements, including to resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue and reaching the final goal of a nuclear freed Korean Peninsula.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China is a country ruled by law, and anyone violating the law and committing crimes will be punished by law.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China is firmly opposed to Lee Teng-hui carrying out any activities in Japan under any pretext.”
 Zhang Qiyue - “We do not think there is an issue of refugees between China and North Korea”
 Zhang Qiyue - “China is deeply concerned about the confrontation. We hope that both sides will exercise restraint and not exacerbate the situation.”

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