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 Kong Quan - “At present I have no information to give to you on this.”
 Kong Quan - “We think the Russian proposal is a good attempt to break this stalemate.”
 Kong Quan - “The Chinese government, in handling such complicated international disputes, opposes the arbitrary use of sanctions or the threat of use of sanctions in the efforts to solve the question. It will only complicate the issue.”
 Kong Quan - “Koizumi's visit is a grave event,”
 Kong Quan - “We are shocked by, and express our strong indignation over, the Japanese foreign minister's remark of overtly glorifying invasion history.”
 Kong Quan - “We are shocked by and express our strong indignation over the Japanese foreign minister's remark of overtly glorifying invasion history.”
 Kong Quan - “We hope the US congressmen would gain a comprehensive impression of Hong Kong's status quo.”
 Kong Quan - “We hope Japan would look at Sino-Japanese relations from the general situation, and properly handle this issue according to the principles of the three Sino-Japanese political documents.”
 Kong Quan - “We hope that various parties can stick to their parts in bringing a peaceful solution and that the Beijing talks can be continued.”
 Kong Quan - “We hope that Iraq will comprehensively implement the U.N. resolutions to create the necessary conditions for the orderly and peaceful resolution of the Iraq issue.”
 Kong Quan - “Especially before the IAEA meeting in February, we hope all sides can further their diplomatic and negotiation efforts.”
 Kong Quan - “can heed fully the opinions and introduction by Chinese leaders and principal officials in relevant areas about China's Yuan exchange rate and financial reform. We hope they can have a better and correct understanding.”
 Kong Quan - “And we want to see the Japanese side improve bilateral ties with practical actions.”
 Kong Quan - “Actually you want me to confirm Kim's visit but I cannot do that because I'm not authorized to provide any information on this question.”
 Kong Quan - “Presently I really do not know any information that I can provide to everyone.”
 Kong Quan - “This is a serious violation of the purpose and principles of the U.N. Charter, an infringement of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and an interference in China's internal affairs,”
 Kong Quan - “The safety of diplomatic missions should be guaranteed in accordance with international law.”
 Kong Quan - “At the same time, all parties concerned should cooperate with each other on the issue.”
 Xu Shiquan - “Personally I think the mainland's reaction this time has been very measured and moderate.”
 Kong Quan - “We believe the visit is key to enhancing mutual understanding and trust.”
 Kong Quan - “against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems.”
 Kong Quan - “We have always opposed U.S. sales of advanced weapons to Taiwan,”
 Kong Quan - “We do not wish to see any form of weapons in outer space, so we reaffirm that our space flight program is an important element of mankind's peaceful use of space.”
 Kong Quan - “We believe the proposal could be a useful attempt to break the stalemate. We hope all parties involved will give play to their wisdom so that talks can resume.”
 Kong Quan - “We think the Russian proposal is a good attempt to break this stalemate. We hope all sides will use their wisdom to provide new proposals that will create conditions for reviving negotiations.”

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