My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Quantrill - “Long Toss Far and away themost important drill for strengthening my arm.”
 Paul Quantrill - “Don't just expect the scouts to find you. Go to camps, clinics and make sure you are seen.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I put some thought in it and decided to come on down and see if I can't help this team in some shape and form to get into the playoffs,”
 Paul Quantrill - “This was a blip in the road for Jeff Francis. He is going to pitch in the majors for a long time.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I've said it all year, this is in my opinion the best team in the National League East, for sure.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I probably prepared the same as Roger did. I really just downscaled what I would normally do just to be ready for this. I worked out the same and threw the same at the dealership. Not quite to the extent I normally would, but good enough that I could come down and represent my country.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I loved playing for Team Canada for the first time. I'm proud of the way we represented Canada.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I am here because I do enjoy playing the game, ... I'm not sure I'm going to pursue playing baseball in the future. It's better for me to finish the season, be professional about it and see if I can't help this team. That's the real reason I'm here, not to prove anything.”
 Paul Quantrill - “He's only been out of the game as a player for a couple years. Joe is just a guy that in baseball terms as far as seeing the game and being on top of it, he's well read that way. I think he takes a lot of pride in that part of the game.”
 Paul Quantrill - “This team is very well balanced. In playing this team, they have a very balanced lineup. They have different ways to score. This is a team that doesn't get as much attention as the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals. Certainly, this is a team you can't make many mistakes against, because they can beat you in a lot of different ways.”
 Paul Quantrill - “I'm not making any bets on that game. South Africa impressed me, they battled us. They were a bunch of young athletic players. They impressed me as much as our young guys impressed me.”