My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Quarto - “That's the first time we've seen man-to-man since December. Everyone else has played us in a zone. It took us a while to get used to it, but we did a good job once we got a few easy baskets.”
 Mike Quarto - “I've only been coaching 10 years total, but I know you don't get a group like this very often.”
 Mike Quarto - “Being on a team as good as they were this year, going 29-2 and to the region final, really got some people to open their eyes up.”
 Mike Quarto - “If we come out and play the first four minutes like that on Saturday, or anytime in the state tournament, it's going to be a much closer game. Against good teams you can't miss easy baskets like that, and our kids know it.”
 Mike Quarto - “If we play like that at any other point in the tournament, it's going to be a much closer game. Against good teams, you can't miss easy baskets like that.”
 Mike Quarto - “We're going to try to make it a 94-foot-by-50-foot game.”
 Mike Quarto - “We knew they were going to make a run at us. You hold a team that's ranked eighth in the state to 37 points in the game, that's a hell of a job defensively.”
 Mike Quarto - “I don't think we made one jump shot outside the key. You don't have to make a lot of outside shots, but you've got to make enough that they can keep playing honest.”
 Mike Quarto - “In this type of game, when it's played like that in the first half - and probably in the district and region - if we forget about a good shooter, it could cost us down the line in a tight ballgame.”
 Mike Quarto - “We learned a lot about ourselves Tuesday night. We learned that we can control tempo, we learned that our guards in the 4A classification are as good as anybody in the state.”
 Mike Quarto - “It's nice to have (a home win streak). It's always nice to know you're taking care of your own backyard.”
 Mike Quarto - “The enthusiasm from the faculty members and student body has been great. I've gotten 10 or 12 e-mails from alumni going as far back as 1982 wishing us good luck.”
 Mike Quarto - “It's probably the most quiet 1,000 points you're going to see. She plays on a team with a lot of girls who can score. Most times in women's basketball when you see a 1,000-point scorer it's usually someone who shoots the ball all the time.”
 Mike Quarto - “It's a really neat atmosphere around school. Everybody's excited. The administration has been so supportive. I'm getting e-mails from alumni who graduated as far back as 1982.”
 Mike Quarto - “She's a great defensive player with great natural ability. She handles the ball and sees the court well. Her shooting is what she needs to work on.”