My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Quesada - “Some think it's a great idea and some don't. It's going to have major ramifications in the Marvel U as people take different sides in all this.”
 Tony Quesada - “The first time we were in it felt like the Super Bowl. This time it felt more like a hockey game.”
 Joe Quesada - “I think those characters are going to be around for a very long time thanks to you guys.”
 Tony Quesada - “To have all those thousands cheering for us made it a lot easier. But we know we won't get anything like that tomorrow night.”
 Joe Quesada - “The Captain is basically every failed captain zero that's ever walked the Marvel Universe at one point or another,”
 Joe Quesada - “The basic premise is a guy has been in jail for being one of the biggest gangland thugs in many years,”
 Joe Quesada - “Stephen King is a true literary master. We are thrilled beyond words to have him join Marvel on this exciting project. The millions of Dark Tower fans are in for a real treat, and I'm sure many more will soon be hooked on this epic series through this historic comic project.”
 Joe Quesada - “We need to present both sides' arguments, both sides of the coin, as fairly and as accurately as possible, and really let the readers make their own decision. Marvel readers come in all shapes and sizes, and we speak to so many different people, different demographics. It's unfair for us to make this our bully pulpit and sit there and say, 'This bad. That good.'.”
 Joe Quesada - “There has been a general consensus among us in editorial ... (that) we feel that after 40 years of publishing our heroes have become way to chummy with each other. In earlier times, there was a certain element of danger and mistrust within the Marvel Universe, both from the human populace and its heroes. Heroes would meet and not instantly know or even like each other. Spider-Man used to get shot at, he was considered creepy, dangerous and - as J. Jonah Jameson was fond of saying - 'a masked menace' 'Civil War' puts us back in that place. Where it leaves us Well, you'll have to read to find out.”
 Tony Quesada - “To have them chase us instead of the other way around was great.”
 Tony Quesada - “Getting that first goal relaxed us quite a bit. And to have them chase us, instead of the other way around, was a big difference tonight.”
 Joe Quesada - “Cops were shooting at Spider-Man. It was a brave, new, dangerous world.”
 Joe Quesada - “We are thrilled to have Peter on-board to kick off this historic comic project. He is one of the most acclaimed comic book writers working today. The millions of Dark Tower fans are certainly in for a real treat.”
 Joe Quesada - “They've brought in some new visions and a different kind of sensibility, and also an audience that they've cultivated themselves.”