My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Quidor - “He was a man who upheld the tradition of the job, so having all the members there for him was truly a tribute. As sad as it was, it was a fitting tribute to him. It's the way he should have gone out. He stayed true to the department and the department stayed true to him. There were guys there who didn't even know him, but they were there to pay tribute.”
 Steve Quidor - “When he got sick, giving him a kidney was the least that I could do. There was no hesitation involved. There was no decision involved. I had to do it. Kevin never asked it of me. Even with my wife, there was no decision to be made. He was the most unselfish person I knew. I never regretted it.”
 Steve Quidor - “I am proud of that and that makes me feel better when I hear it. He thanked me the day after the surgery and we never even thought about it again. He was like a brother to me. In fact, they are my family, just as much as my own wife and children. Even when I talked to him, I'd say, 'Talk to you later, brother.' He was my brother. No words were truer.”
 Steve Quidor - “Even in death, his heart was bigger than anyone else's. About seven months ago, when the cancer appeared in his stomach, we were hoping that we could pull another rabbit out of the hat. But it didn't happen and it eventually took its toll.”
 Steve Quidor - “I'll just miss talking to him. He was such a good teacher in everything. No matter what the conversation was about, he was always teaching me. I just loved talking to him. I can't begin to think how hard that's going to be without him. I know he left a mark on me, just like he did on everyone that knew him.”