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 Chris Quinn - “I hope the guys coming back, that this helps them in the future.”
 Chris Quinn - “Some earlier games this year, we might have folded. But we stuck together, hit free throws down the stretch.”
 Pat Quinn - “We had a game (against Phoenix, when they blew a 3-0 lead) we let get away and it seems to have done some severe psychological damage and we haven't been able to pull out of it. Four games ago, we weren't crappy, but we're crappy right now.”
 Chris Quinn - “I don't consider them to be freshmen anymore. They've played in a lot of big games for us so far. We're in our tenth game of the season, and those guys are almost veterans already.”
 Chris Quinn - “Road games are very important to us. We've got to be a together group we've got to be a tougher group.”
 Pat Quinn - “(If you think) you can come to games and turn it on, already you are in a frame of mind you should not be in.”
 Pat Quinn - “Everybody believes it is going to settle down as far as minutes go (coming from special teams play). You do get concerned when you have five games in seven nights.”
 Pat Quinn - “They battled us hard and it was one of those games that was going to get decided along the boards and in the pits, it wasn't a wide-open affair.”
 Pat Quinn - “We can't win games like that at the end, and if we think we can, we're fooling ourselves. In the last 10 minutes, they didn't pick anything up, we just gave them a lot of room. Our forwards didn't much in the offensive zone except get caught.”
 Pat Quinn - “We stopped checking and that's why we lost the game ... We couldn't stop the last play. It looked like it should have been stopped, but we didn't do it. We can't win games like that at the end, and if we think we can we're fooling ourselves.”
 Pat Quinn - “It certainly has saved us in some games,”
 Pat Quinn - “He had a couple good games right out of the chute and I think he played so well because he was so hyped up after being out so long,”
 Pat Quinn - “If I start worrying about stuff like that, I'll be losing my own focus. We had four, five really poor games, actually not all poor, but we lost them and certainly I guess people have opinions and start worrying but we can turn this around as fast as we got in it.”
 Pat Quinn - “We're playing eight games in 12 nights here.”
 Pat Quinn - “We've certainly had a few games we don't like too well. We've had a lot of good individual play but that's not how you win a gold medal.”
 Pat Quinn - “You have to use your games to pull this together. You've seen the last two games and we're not pulling this together.”
 Pat Quinn - “The games between these two franchises always take on something beyond the game. I expect it to be a rip-roaring building Thursday and Saturday.”
 Pat Quinn - “Montreal wants that (eighth-place) spot back, so they'll be ready to go. Those are playoff games, that's what they are. I expect that to be a rip-roaring building.”
 Pat Quinn - “Our quickness was not there for a while this season. For some reason the last few games we've moved the puck real well. We're getting quicker at it.”
 Pat Quinn - “I don't think we competed hard enough on the road this year. There were some games where we were in them and we let them go because we didn't know how to compete.”
 Pat Quinn - “You just cannot play that way. We cannot expect our goalie to keep winning games for us.”
 Pat Quinn - “Are we going to like it I'm not sure, ... I don't like some of the games I'm seeing now.”
 Pat Quinn - “I think they are pushing each other right now and it has helped them. I don't know if I'll play them together when the season starts, but right now in the exhibition games, they've been getting better and better.”
 Christine Quinn - “These businesses puff up their profits by not offering benefits, ... And at lunch, they give their workers an extra half hour to register on a public health insurance program.”
 Pat Quinn - “No, it is not alarming. He has been doing fine, and it seems like this team, at least on special teams, either finds a way to score some or give some up. I look at it as team thing.”

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