My Favorite Quotes
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 Frank Quon - “It's got to be reliable. It's got to be real-time.”
 Frank Quon - “It would be hard to quantify, but we'd experience significant congestion. Each of the tools we have shows great benefits.”
 Frank Quon - “Delivering information to the consumer is a very, very powerful tool. It's giving them more control in their life.”
 Frank Quon - “One of the biggest benefits is we're able to manage the system as a system. We're reacting quickly. Law enforcement, emergency responders, should it be an accident or an event, we're able to deploy the appropriate resources at the right time. Every minute a lane is blocked, there's four minutes of resulting congestion. The sooner you clear the lane, the sooner you clear congestion.”
 Frank Quon - “We're offering them information so they can make informed choices. If you have information, you can make a choice to take a different route.”
 Frank Quon - “Information about incidents, what's ahead of you, a closure ahead, certain routes are closed.”