My Favorite Quotes
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 Ahmed Qureia - “After 38 years of ugly occupation, they are leaving and they will never come back,”
 Ahmed Qureia - “French and Palestinian doctors who treated the martyred brother found that medicine could not find the disease which infected Arafat, neither viruses, nor germs, nor AIDS, nor bacteria,”
 Ahmed Qureia - “This problem is finished for now, but there will be a committee and a procedure for dealing with this kind of matter.”
 Ahmed Qureia - “We refuse this resolution, ... and we want to address a very clear message that this resolution will lead to more violence, and the American Congress will hold the responsibility.”
 Ahmed Qureia - “The calm still exists. We are committed to this. ... All the factions are committed,”
 Ahmed Qureia - “Ross managed to bridge the gaps on some issues.”
 Ahmed Qureia - “Resistance was the reason for the Israeli evacuation. ... This is only the beginning. The resistance will have its guns up until victory comes in the West Bank and Jerusalem,”
 Ahmed Qureia - “We consider the presence of the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip illegal. Until the time that they will leave, they should be disarmed.”
 Ahmed Qureia - “The Palestinian Authority ordered flags lowered to half-staff for one day and declared a three-day period of mourning. It's a very sad day for Palestinians, and we extend our condolences to King Abdullah and the Jordanian people, ... We condemn this attack vehemently.”
 Ahmed Qureia - “It's a kind of state terrorism organized and used with the approval of the prime minister and the Israeli government.”