My Favorite Quotes
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 Ahmed Qurie - “This will renew the cycle of violence,”
 Ahmed Qurie - “It is no longer acceptable to out conditions on reviving the peace process,”
 Ahmed Qurie - “We refuse the establishment of a state only in Gaza. Gaza is part of the occupied areas. A viable Palestinian state to live in peace beside Israel is only a state set up on the 1967 borders”
 Ahmed Qurie - “The nightmare is over, the occupation has gone and Gaza is now without settlers ... Today we begin the work of rebuilding.”
 Ahmed Qurie - “What is happening is very dangerous ... They are expanding the borders of Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley. Who will accept that Who will accept swapping Gaza for Jerusalem or for the West Bank”
 Ahmed Qurie - “The Palestinians are very worried about the expansion of settlements in the West Bank, particularly around Jerusalem ... this will destroy the possibility of a viable Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza,”
 Ahmed Qurie - “We will be happy to see them getting out from Gaza and northern West Bank and will prepare ourselves for their withdrawal from Jerusalem,”
 Ahmed Qurie - “What has been published was an attack on Islam and it has affected the feelings of all Muslims.”