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 Ralph Acampora - “This is beautiful and it's going to last a long time.”
 Ralph Acampora - “At this very early stage of an attempt to put in important lows, we cannot rule out additional setbacks and volatility. Normally, time and price stabilization are necessary for the market to put in a meaningful bottom - the backing and filling that is currently taking place is part of this process.”
 Ralph Acampora - “the bull market is only 3 months old. . . . We're in the early stages of something that's going to last a long, long time.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Today was the first time we saw the 'dot-com' Internet stocks actually pull back but instead of dragging the rest of the market down, the rest of the market went up, ... I was very, very impressed. In other words, we don't need the Internet stocks for leadership - we've got other names.”
 Ralph Acampora - “It's a wonderful market,”
 Ralph Acampora - “As we sit back and digest these volatile days, one thing definitely comes to mind -- and the word is rotation. As long as we can see money move from one sector to another, that is constructive. Hence, stock selection is key.”
 Ralph Acampora - “I'm trying to tell people now that 10,000 is no longer the ceiling. I think it's the floor for the market over the next 5 to 10 years.”
 Ralph Acampora - “There's 'hot money' -- hedge fund money, more aggressive money -- if they sense anything out of the ordinary, they bail out quickly, en masse.”
 Ralph Acampora - “I have not changed my opinion on blue chips this correction creates a buying opportunity. (But) if you talk about other averages, like the Russell 2000, they look terrible.”
 Ralph Acampora - “I think that you are going to be flirting with that number back and forth. I think good traders, on the excitement, probably took some profits and I think that we will vacillate and move a lot higher.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Tomorrow's employment report is critical for the market. Investors are hanging on every number that we get. Anything to do with consumer spending is key because consumers have been supporting the economy.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Sentiment can change overnight. Good news is good news again.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Expect more of the same choppy activity as the Dow meanders around the 10,000 level. Unfortunately, the leadership is expected to remain very narrow as the negative (market) breadth problem continues.”
 Ralph Acampora - “I hear everybody talking about how narrow the market is, but please look at what has happened in the last couple of days and you'll see there is rotation within the blue chips. You're getting technology and even getting a few of the small mid-cap stocks participating. It's feeding itself and I think it bodes very well for the long term.”
 Ralph Acampora - “The thing that's very, very impressive is the quality of the stocks that are driving this. It's a very narrow list, but a very beautiful list.”
 Ralph Acampora - “What makes a bull market live is rotation, and we have the rotation.”
 Ralph Acampora - “If you're a trader, I'd be concerned because you might be too late on some stocks, but if you're an investor, start to participate. And if you can't do it yourself, get a good mutual fund and have a long term view. This country, the stocks, corporate America, are going to go a lot higher over the next five to ten years.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Time is one of the important things to me as an analyst, and this rally is long in the tooth. And if interest rates climb above 4.8 percent, this market could stop on a dime.”
 Ralph Acampora - “We've been bullish for a little over two years. What was in place for two years is still in place blue chip leadership and the flow of funds.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Capitulation isn't a one-day phenomena. I'm in the camp that you have to get a wash-out and I'm telling investors to rotate the world doesn't revolve just around technology stocks.”
 Ralph Acampora - “We give the market the benefit of the doubt that the near-term strength will carry through to the upside,”
 Ralph Acampora - “You'd hate to think that one person could do this. But I think the popularity of business shows, and all the media attention that trading activity gets, I guess comments by market strategists becomes a little bit of a catalyst.”
 Ralph Acampora - “I think quite often when you get to a round number you have a lot of anxiety. This backing off is healthy. It takes some of the enthusiasm out.”
 Ralph Acampora - “Our new conservative 1999 Dow target is 12,00012,300 based solely on the fact that interest rate concerns are behind us for a while and now we have improved earnings expectations ahead of us.”
 Ralph Acampora - “The good news about the market's July to September 1998 decline is that so far it has created quite a bit of value, especially in the large capitalization area. It is now time for those who have a long term perspective to start picking through the rubble of the past several months and identify those groups and stocks that hopefully will bottom out in the weeks ahead and will become new investment vehicles. Start your search now.”

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