My Favorite Quotes
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 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “We feed on genius great men exist that there might be greater men.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “How painful to give a gift to any person of sensibility, or of equality It is next worst to receiving one”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “The artist must be sacrificed to their art. Like the bees, they must put their lives into the sting they give.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Not in his goals but in his transitions is man great”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “He that loveth maketh his own the grandeur he loves”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Nothing is more simple than greatness indeed, to be simple is to be great”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Some of your hurts you have cured, And the sharpest you still have survived, But what torments of grief you endured From evils which never arrived”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “What torments of grief you endured, from evils that never arrived”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Coolness and absence of heat and haste indicate fine qualities”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “I hate quotation. Tell me what you know.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “I hate quotations.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Imagination is not the talent of some men, but is the health of every man”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Health and appetite impart the sweetness to sugar, bread, and meat”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “The best part of health is fine disposition”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “There was never a poet who had not the heart in the right place”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “The ship of heaven guides itself and will not accept a wooden rudder”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Heaven sometimes hedges a rare character about with ungainliness and odium, as the burr that protects the fruit”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Every man is a channel through which heaven floweth”

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