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 Tom Renney - “It's funny nobody's talking about him (for rookie of the year). Maybe stats mean so much and maybe rightfully so. But this kid is going to play in this league for a long time. It's not sizzle for Toots. It's all substance and we have a tendency to sell the sex appeal of players.”
 Tom Renney - “I think they know how to play us, obviously.”
 Tom Renney - “It's a matter of can we play on the road with what could arguably be the best team in the league. Can we go into their rink and continue to play the way we have to play regardless of the venue and get the job done We'll see.”
 Tom Renney - “We're not going to last long in the playoffs if we get there if we play this way.”
 Tom Renney - “We really do have to get our heads around the way the game is being called. We're growing up in a hurry here, and we cannot afford to play hockey like we did tonight or our growth will be stunted in a real hurry.”
 Tom Renney - “I think he'd be able to play there under the old rules too. I'm not sure he'd last through 60 minutes. But he's got more guts than a slaughterhouse.”
 Tom Renney - “We're preparing for a team we love to play and who loves to play us. My feeling is we'll be much better.”
 Tom Renney - “He wants to play and he feels responsible for this team and where it's going. He wants to be the guy that leads them.”
 Tom Renney - “If somebody is trying to play you straight up and play the game within the rules and that's physical, I have a hard time with those that choose to turn and invite the hit, which they do, then fall down and grab their head. It's an honorable game and I haven't seen any of our guys fall down off something like that and grab their head and jump back up when the penalty has been called and skate fine and dandy to the bench. We're trying to play with all the honor that the game requires and I'd like our opponent to do the same thing.”
 Tom Renney - “We have to get to the point where he thinks he could play, and I don't think we're at that point.”
 Tom Renney - “We lost our composure and we were selfish with undisciplined play. Some guys were thinking about themselves before their teammates.”
 Tom Renney - “It's got to stay separate, I don't think we should jump the gun on this one either. We want people to play when they're ready and able to play. And able doesn't necessarily mean 100.”
 Tom Renney - “We have to play fundamental, sound hockey, with him in or out of the lineup, quite frankly. And if we give ourselves a chance with whomever wears the colors to play five-on-five or better, we have a decent chance to win the game. Basically, we beat ourselves (in Game 1).”
 Tom Renney - “You're in the 'big parade' now, and you have to participate. If we give ourselves the chance to play five-on-five hockey, then who knows This is something that's been in our game early in the season, late in the season, and it's obvious that we are incapable of dealing with these types of situations. We have to stay out of the penalty box to give ourselves a chance.”
 Tom Renney - “It'll be helpful to get to know ... can he run the table Can he play a seven-game series Does he play when he's absolutely on the beam or does he press too much to where he's less than the sum of his parts”
 Tom Renney - “They play a complete game and they have their identity that they've recaptured because it wasn't there for them in the first half of the season. Obviously, as they found theirs, we kind of lost ours.”
 Tom Renney - “As it was explained to me, he didn't think a second player delivered another hit. It was an explanation I have to live with. We needed an opportunity to play 5-on-3, and I thought within the rules we should have had it.”
 Tom Renney - “We want him to stay out of the penalty box. At the same time, it's a fine line, because you don't want him to change his game. He can certainly influence a game, and I thought he did. I thought we created a bit of an advantage for ourselves by the way he came out to play, and maybe he took New Jersey off their game, at least initially.”
 Tom Renney - “The bottom line is, you've got to do it within the rules of the game, it's that simple. As we have in the past, we'll look at the video again with him and just see where he could have maybe done something different, if anything, and allow him to play himself through it.”
 Tom Renney - “He inspires players to go above their abilities. We play off his leadership.”
 Tom Renney - “It's terrific. We secured a playoff spot, that's all it is. We have a lot more hockey to play in the regular season, never mind making the playoffs.”
 Tom Renney - “It's a tough play for Ryan. It's a little bit of a turn-back there. He followed through, but he probably didn't need to hit him like that, just seal the guy off.”
 Tom Renney - “Every game to us is very valuable but this does conjure up the type of emotion that is playoff-type hockey, or certainly consequential hockey. We want to play that as much as possible, because it makes us better.”
 Tom Renney - “I'm confident they'll play better. Just like I was confident we'd break a six-game losing streak and I'm confident we'll make the playoffs and I'm confident we'll do good things once we get there.”
 Tom Renney - “This lineup tonight could be symbolic of what it might take down the road here and in the playoffs. We hope the team understands the value of that and works harder to play that way than maybe they have the last half dozen games.”

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