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 Tom Renney - “I think we had players in our lineup play well, but I don't know if we've been able to put the whole thing together just yet. We've had periods in games where we've played well and looked like we had before the Olympic break when they had won six straight. At this point in time, we have yet to do that play a complete game.”
 Tom Renney - “What I'm surprised at is that we choose to let ourselves get down a goal or two before we ignite ourselves in the way we need to play. And that's a heavy consequence when you're playing teams that really know how to play within their structure. I'll be surprised if it continues.”
 Tom Renney - “They've found a way to play that's comfortable for them. It's Flyers hockey, basically, but Flyers hockey with these new rules.”
 Tom Renney - “Our power play got us a couple of big ones and our PK did what it had to do. Keep the puck to the outside. They work very, very hard.”
 Tom Renney - “Two different teams. I'm sure if everyone would be honest with you, they'd say they did their best to get ourselves excited and ready to play. But in the backs of their mind, they probably were thinking we should get this one tonight, all things being equal.”
 Tom Renney - “This is all about winning here. No one knows that better than Kevin Weekes. He's made it easy on me ... Kevin will be ready to play, then we'll move on and get our wins with him, too.”
 Tom Renney - “We have to get Kevin going, get him rolling. I wouldn't mind giving him a chance to go back and play the Islanders. He had a tough game the last time he was there.”
 Tom Renney - “We shot the puck a lot and I appreciate that and I wish others would shoot more. I think on the power play we could shoot the puck much more.”
 Tom Renney - “Kevin was fine. I thought it was more an opportunity to wake up 18 guys and get ourselves back in the hockey game by doing what we have to do in terms of managing the puck, and maybe give yourself to play 5-on-5 hockey or better.”
 Tom Renney - “Did we expect him to be on our No. 1 power-play unit at this stage of the season Maybe, but only as an interim thing or if we needed a spark or whatever. Certainly he's secured himself as an offensive player on our team.”
 Tom Renney - “I wanted to get a checking line out against the Scott Gomez line. I thought that if I could do that, we could probably play our first two lines and maybe manufacture some offense.”
 Tom Renney - “You know, our power play really hurt us (by going 0-for-9 Wednesday) night, but other than that, I thought we played a pretty good game. Tonight, I thought we played a more complete game.”
 Tom Renney - “The guys really understood the game plan. We worked with them all night long. We kept them to the outside they didn't get a lot of second chances.”
 Tom Renney - “To beat a very good hockey team, the Stanley Cup champions, was important. And we did it because we hung in there and we stuck to our plan and, in the end, we found a way to win.”
 Tom Renney - “They all felt that they've been well prepared, well organized and that the game plan was appropriate and that they needed to check in mentally and emotionally to go and execute. I'm not sure where that leaves you at the end of the day as a coach. You're still sort of picking straws.”
 Tom Renney - “We're beginning to see a bit of personality in the other three lines. They can contribute, game in and game out.”
 Tom Renney - “It's a judgment day for our team. This season could be recognized one way or the other by how we choose to perform on Saturday. We want the outcome to obviously be in our favor. We have to play a good, strong, playoff hockey game and if we do that, we'll put ourselves in a position to win it anyway.”
 Tom Renney - “I suggested it's judgment day for a lot of reasons. I did not allude to anyone's individual status. But this season certainly could be recognized by how we choose to perform on Saturday.”
 Tom Renney - “Coming off the Messier evening that was very taxing emotionally, we scratched and clawed to get what we needed that night and we're trying to conjure up what we were before with our passion and emotional level. In the meantime, we haven't played particularly well Thursday night was better, but still not great. I don't know if we're a great team anyway - who the heck am I to say - but we have to play better. I think Thursday night we showed signs.”
 Tom Renney - “This is every guy's dream and he's not finished with his. We appreciate that. And if he makes this battle that much more interesting, then all the power to him.”
 Tom Renney - “Overmatched I doubt it. I just thought we had a strong game. We took advantage of some things that were presented to us and I thought we were as good as we've been defensively all year.”
 Tom Renney - “I'll wait and see. I'll make a determination today during the day at some point in time.”
 Tom Renney - “We had a good transition game and passed the puck up quickly. We got the puck behind people and deep. The best way to beat the trap is not let it set up.”
 Tom Renney - “I'm leaving that open. I want to make sure I make an informed decision.”
 Tom Renney - “Jaromir wanted to make sure he was at least showing New Jersey we have some depth in our penalty killing. We rolled the dice. He went beyond what I expected. It shows he is a competitive person. I have no regrets. That's a decision I'll live with though and that's my responsibility.”

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