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 Tom Renney - “We wanted to make sure we could at least show New .Jersey that we had some depth on our PK. You roll the dice in those kinds of situations. He went beyond what I expected, but it shows he's a competitive person. I have no regrets on it. It's a decision I'll live with, though.”
 Tom Renney - “It's just special stuff by a very special player. I think if anything we're happy we've been able to provide a culture for him to flourish and equate himself with the great player that he is.”
 Tom Renney - “To his credit, he's certainly been the consummate team guy and likely in retrospect having even deserved more starts than he's gotten. His injuries have prevented that from happening. These are big games for us moving forward and he'll play a significant role in how far we go here in these next games and hopefully what we do beyond that.”
 Tom Renney - “I think that what's happening now is that this side of the pond is starting to realize exactly how good this young fellow is. Certainly in Europe and those of us who have had experience over there sort of saw this coming not to this degree, I'm not going to take credit for that. But certainly people are starting to realize this guy's for real.”
 Tom Renney - “We had a very professional conversation. It was not any kind of confrontation, it was just sharing thoughts.”
 Tom Renney - “It certainly changed the complexion of our team. We're looking to develop some confidence and create some momentum. If we got a goal there, that's probably it.”
 Tom Renney - “(Without Jagr) it probably gave our opponents some confidence at least.”
 Tom Renney - “We sure hope that we've identified with one thing and that is stability, and the level of, I guess, confidence that goes along with that so you can even push the envelope further and squeeze the cloth a little bit more to bring even more out of people.”
 Tom Renney - “We have to draw some conclusions form this game and how to manage the puck. You can learn an awful lot by looking at a loss. This happens.”
 Tom Renney - “We really felt the last 20 minutes, and how we chose to approach that, could set the stage for the rest of the series. We wanted to make sure we continued to play hard and honest and not compromise ourselves. We gave our opponents something to think about going into Madison Square Garden. Our objective was to be every bit as intense as we had up to that point and execute the best we could. We tried to send a message.”
 Tom Renney - “It was time to circle the wagons and clearly explain to the guys that we need to be better and we've got to commit ourselves to what we have been about in the past if we want to do anything with the future. And I'm talking about (tomorrow). We want to make sure we win that game, and to do it, we have to be a much better hockey club than we were tonight.”
 Tom Renney - “Let's be honest about this hockey club, gang These guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty from Day One. One thing we can proudly do is defend this team's good intentions, their work habits and their desire to win.”
 Tom Renney - “I like to not have to put that much on one player. Henrik has been our outstanding goalie this year. Kevin (Weekes) has been terrific, but Henrik seems to bring out the best in our hockey club.”
 Tom Renney - “I guess the Senators made it very clear that we're a team that needs to work on being playoff-ready. And if we can do that through practices, quite frankly, that's all we have left.”
 Tom Renney - “If he can elevate to the point where we have no choice, then it's possible. If he comes in and does an admirable job, then probably not.”
 Tom Renney - “It's cheating. It's trying to make the 60-foot pass and not collaborating on anything that has to be done.”
 Tom Renney - “I hate to use the word practice, but if we want to become a Stanley Cup contender for years to come, we need to practice this kind of pursuit of excellence. Winning division titles, winning conferences, winning Stanley Cups. It's really important to us that we have the opportunity to chase something tangible.”
 Tom Renney - “There are teams in the league and teams I've coached in the past for which the puck is inconsequential - we're not really built that way. We want the puck as much as we can. We want to make sure we are the ones taking care of it, not Pittsburgh.”
 Tom Renney - “They really care about where this team is going. They have an ear to the past and what's happened here, but they've also really assumed the responsibility for where this team is going to go - the effort we're trying to make to gain respect back from our fans and from the NHL.”
 Tom Renney - “The entire bench understands that these people really care and enjoy a good effort.”
 Tom Renney - “When you look at the third- and fourth-line guys, in a lot of ways they define what you want to take pride in and what we believe this city will appreciate, too. Flat out hard work, good honest work, (and) trust and care in each other.”
 Tom Renney - “We felt it would be a wise move on our part to look at the Czech free agents for a combination of reasons. No.1, they understand the red-line game. No. 2, they really do play well instinctively off one another. And No. 3, they do care and have a passion for the game and want to win.”
 Tom Renney - “We're a work in progress and we're scrambling and scratching and clawing to kind of be what we were so proud to be earlier. And we're close. We're getting there sort of in fits and starts. But it's a matter of settling down, calming down and believing in everything that we're capable of doing within our system and we'll be fine.”
 Tom Renney - “My hope is that other players are inspired enough by his presence to really put out beyond what they've been capable of in the past.”
 Tom Renney - “Often times, it takes more than one person to check him. You have one person on the body and the other person on the puck. If you try to play him one-on-one, he'll eat you up.”

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