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 Tom Renney - “We don't want to be too proactive getting him back into the lineup. We have to listen to his body.”
 Tom Renney - “Obviously the penalty parade would suggest I'm not completely happy at all, nor should (the players) be. There's no benefit of the doubt in the playoffs. You're in the big parade now and you've got to participate. It becomes obviously clear we're incapable of dealing with the pressure of these types of situations well enough to stay out of the penalty box and give ourselves a chance.”
 Tom Renney - “There's no benefit-of-a-doubt stuff in the playoffs. You're in the big parade now and you have to participate. If we give ourselves a chance to play five-on-five hockey, then who knows”
 Tom Renney - “It's beyond belief. You sort of equate that with the drought with the Stanley Cup and I guess it adds up but it's almost unbelievable.”
 Tom Renney - “There might be a minor sense of relief there for the players. They've certainly been on a mission all year long to acquire this playoff spot. It might even free us up to begin to turn the corner and play like we had been playing for the most part of this year. I think we're a little tight.”
 Tom Renney - “No, black-and-white wouldn't go across too well Jeez, a guy from Cranbrook British Columbia, I forgot all about baseball.”
 Tom Renney - “It's an exciting time, obviously, I think for everyone. We hope to live up to our end of the bargain and make it exciting for our fans. But certainly we're happy to be back.”
 Tom Renney - “We felt the last 20 minutes could set the stage for the balance of the series.”
 Tom Renney - “He's clearly decided he's got to do what he's got to do in order for this team to get its playoff spot and that's foremost in his mind. We're all the beneficiary of that attitude.”
 Tom Renney - “I didn't think we were real sharp, real crisp (early in the game), and if we weren't careful, we might have beaten ourselves tonight. But we did hang in there and we did pay attention to details that can win you games and ultimately got ourselves a nice lead.”
 Tom Renney - “The Devils have been playing playoff hockey for a while. It's a real good opportunity for us to pay attention to how you can turn a season around, and you can do that in one game. And with that in mind, game on.”
 Tom Renney - “They're legitimate aches and pains that you've got to pay attention to. When an athlete can't go, you've got to listen to that.”
 Tom Renney - “It's bad enough to rest him but he could play. It's a small fracture in there but it's something we have to pay attention to and take an opportunity to give him some healing rest.”
 Tom Renney - “We did not attack the way we needed to. It started to get away from us when we fell behind. We didn't put enough rubber at the net.”
 Tom Renney - “We believe he can help our power play. We believe we've helped our offensive attack and our transition game.”
 Tom Renney - “We were reactive, as opposed to proactive. We were always trying to respond. In the offensive zone, I thought we were the better team than they were. But off the attack, they were outstanding. They kept getting odd-man rushes.”
 Tom Renney - “I kind of forgot about him. He was at the other end of the bench. That's the real honest answer.”
 Tom Renney - “You want to do better than that. You want to answer the bell. We did have a strong game against New Jersey. But so what That one's over.”
 Tom Renney - “Obviously we're having difficulty in our penalty kill, and he has done a decent job of it when he's been out there. It was a chance to practice it because, looking ahead, it's obvious that we're going to be killing penalties.”
 Tom Renney - “We lost our composure, we had some selfish hockey, some undisciplined play, and we had guys that chose to think of themselves ahead of their teammates. One thing we know for sure is we're not going to beat the New Jersey Devils from the penalty box.”
 Tom Renney - “It is important to experience everything that you might see in the playoffs. But having said that, we have to make sure that we don't assume anything...And if we play the way we did tonight, it's going to be a tougher road ahead of us than we think.”
 Tom Renney - “All the cliches fit. It's a very valuable time for us if we get through this adversity, because it's going to galvanize our group and define our organization moving forward.”
 Tom Renney - “It's terrific, it's great for this group of players and for the organization that rolled the dice with this philosophy. There's a sense of accomplishment that we've secured a spot.”
 Tom Renney - “I thought he showed a lot of courage tonight. I thought he protected the puck as best he could and could make plays only he could make. He wasn't able to manufacture much offensively off the shot. He played to the best of his ability and it was important to have him in the lineup and in our dressing room.”
 Tom Renney - “If there is an advantage to be gained by this, it's that we think we can beat this team. We feel like we can come in here and win, that's an important feeling to have as a hockey club. You've got to be really feeling strongly about yourself and your ability to beat anybody any night.”

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