My Favorite Quotes
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 Judy Reno - “I wanted to open as soon as we possibly could. We've just had a lot of people with stuff to give away that have been after us about when we're going to be open.”
 Alejandro Moreno - “Once we got a hold of the ball and began to do the things we know how to do, we put good passes together, and I think that showed in our goal.”
 Gerry Reno - “We feel we're getting too much of a good thing.”
 Janet Reno - “The Cuban government is doing everything it can to manipulate this process.”
 Janet Reno - “We cannot risk the harm that a prolonged separation might create,”
 Janet Reno - “These shootings appear to have been motivated by hate,”
 Janet Reno - “Hate crimes based on sexual orientation are among the three top reported hate crimes after race and religion, ... Our laws should not ignore that reality.”
 Janet Reno - “They placed profits above the public health,”
 Janet Reno - “Bill McBride is the Democratic nominee for the governor of the state of Florida, and I congratulate him, ... I urge everybody to support him, because I think this is going to be one of the most critical elections in Florida's history.”
 Jean Reno - “We honor a group of young people who were essential in bringing down a reviled dictatorship.”
 Roberto Moreno - “It is very tough to replace a driver and it is very difficult to just jump in a car and drive. I was glad to be able to get in the car a little bit already this week. Plus, road racing is what I know, so I hope to get the car up to speed quickly this weekend and get good results.”
 Jonathan Moreno - “Right now there really is no oversight of who is doing what with human embryonic stem cells. The hope is that our guidelines will help to create a fairly uniform set of standards from one institution to another.”
 Janet Reno - “Adam's Mark is the first hotel chain of its kind to take such comprehensive affirmative steps to prevent discrimination in its hotels,”
 Janet Reno - “This has been a very emotional case for everyone involved, ... The most important thing is that Elian is safe and that no one was seriously hurt.”
 Paul Moreno - “There were hundreds of individual outages.”
 Janet Reno - “Based on all the information we have to date, I see no basis for reversing,”
 Janet Reno - “I have conducted an initial inquiry to determine whether I have received information sufficient to constitute grounds to investigate,”
 Janet Reno - “a significant step forward in combating these criminals and ensuring the integrity of our financial institutions.”
 Vasco Moreno - “After what we've seen from the U.S. investment banks, expectations are pretty high. If they don't produce the results, then that could be a problem.”
 Janet Reno - “I regret deeply that Judge Parker feels that way, but I know what I've had to do based on the evidence and the law. I know what I've had to do to address the national security issues,”
 Janet Reno - “we need an attorney general that will enforce the law and a Justice Department that will do the same thing.”
 Janet Reno - “This fully supports the Justice Department's view that this case is about protecting consumers,”
 Janet Reno - “should be completely independent and have no current ties to the Justice Department.”
 Janet Reno - “We're going to pursue every last murderer until justice has been done,”
 Janet Reno - “I would simply say that we are taking the attacks very seriously and that we will simply do everything in our power to identify those responsible and bring them to justice,”

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