My Favorite Quotes
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 Ricardo Alarcon - “We hope he will be allowed to govern and that outside interference in Haiti's internal affairs ceases.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “Our view is that the Elian Gonzalez event may help us precisely to improve relations,”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “Our view is that the Elian Gonzalez event may help us precisely to improve relations.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “We have gotten the same message from U.S. officials -- in private -- several times that it is not advisable for this man to appear in U.S. territory,”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “That (prediction) is based on the assumption that you have just trouble with one man. But this is not a personal affair and it is not a personal matter -- it's a social phenomenon. It's a social process that involves millions of Cubans and not just one man.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “This is a victory against those who promote terrorism, against hypocrites who tout a supposed war on terror and in reality protect terrorists and jail young men who only acted to oppose terrorism in the United States.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “The whole world should feel that this tragedy is its own.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “What they have planned is what the Americans call a 'photo opportunity.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “No one has the right to deny any people the possibility of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. What the world should combat precisely is the monopoly that some have over arms of mass destruction nuclear ones in particular.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “What the world should fight is the monopoly that some have over weapons of mass destruction and, in particular, nuclear arms.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “The news pained and saddened Cubans. In their name, we wish to express our profound solidarity with the people of the United States, state and local authorities and the victims of this catastrophe.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “President Carter represents the future, a day when there will be a mutual respect and a good neighbor policy between the U.S. and Cuba, a future with a policy based on certain moral and ethical values.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “I don't have the slightest doubt that any honest person analyzing this case will arrive at the same conclusion (as the appeals court),”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “I believe in the word of the U.S. authorities. They have expressed themselves clearly in the proper relation. Let's hope that they will find a way to simply convert its words into actions.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “We agree with him that nobody should be in prison for reasons of conscience ... we do not have that kind of individual in Cuban jails,”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “Nobody should expect from the congress the abandonment of what our revolution has meant.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “The congress will bring ratification, reiteration of the fundamentals of the revolution.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “We are not going to encourage illegal (emigration). Far from that. We will continue to do everything within our commitment to avoid that.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “We all know Mr Bush is a terrorist. But I want to indulge him, up to a certain point, he is not guilty. He learned to be a terrorist from the crib, he carries it in his blood.”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “It's like a work of art ... the work doesn't disappear when the author disappears,”
 Ricardo Alarcon - “You cannot have a bilateral agreement unilaterally implemented and unilaterally ignored, ... The unavoidable result would be the death of the agreement.”