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 Richard Boucher - “We are operating within a U.N. mandate, and we intend to do as much as we can and look for other ways to provide support for the Macedonian government well within that mandate,”
 Richard Boucher - “We strongly urged those involved to release the arrested government officials.”
 Richard Boucher - “We would expect a retraction from the Libyan government,”
 Richard Boucher - “And, as I said, this has been something the whole U.S. government has worked on.”
 Richard Boucher - “His dedication to the mission of the courier service was unmatched, and he was clearly an asset to the Department of State and the U.S. government.”
 Richard Boucher - “Carrying the interview would be confusing to the millions of listeners to what is essentially a U.S. government broadcast, paid for by the U.S. government.”
 Richard Boucher - “Reconstruction work is not possible while the fighting is going on or while the insurgents have been in charge of the town. But once it's back in government hands, we'll be able to get on with these projects very quickly.”
 Richard Boucher - “They're free to say what they want when they're no longer in government. So we expect people to have views and express their views.”
 Richard Boucher - “looking at ways to provide additional immediate support to the Macedonian Government.”
 Richard Boucher - “utmost restraint to avoid harm to civilians.”
 Richard Boucher - “We do think it's a rather dubious distinction to be the first democratically elected head of state to go meet with the dictator of Iraq”
 Richard Boucher - “They report that the conditions of detention are fine and that the people are in good health.”
 Richard Boucher - “We hope this list will help to isolate these terrorist organizations ... and to prevent their members' movement across international borders.”
 Richard Boucher - “all credible efforts to bring violators of the international humanitarian law to account.”
 Richard Boucher - “that they are indeed raising these issues of the importance of getting back to the six-party talks.”
 Richard Boucher - “We have embarked upon building a global strategic partnership with India. President (George W Bush) will be travelling to India in the coming weeks to continue a strong, forward looking relationship with this rising global power.”
 Richard Boucher - “We will continue to work with the German and the Australian embassies in Islamabad and continue to press the Taliban for information about the status of investigation of the detainees and on how the case might proceed under the Taliban legal system.”
 Richard Boucher - “In recent days, we received information regarding specific terrorist plots in two countries involving Iraqi intelligence officers. In both cases, operatives were arrested and terrorist material confiscated.”
 Richard Boucher - “After careful consideration of the law and all the information that's available ... we came to the conclusion that the U.N. Population Fund monies go to Chinese agencies that carry out coercive programs.”
 Richard Boucher - “There is, again, credible information about a threat to the embassy compound.”
 Richard Boucher - “The worldwide caution we put out on June 22 does indicate that posts may temporarily suspend operations or close to the public in response to threat information, security concerns or simply to review security postures.”
 Richard Boucher - “We are interested in the fastest return of the airplane. We think that is in China's interest as well as ours.”
 Richard Boucher - “the continued presence and operational activities of international terrorist groups, and of the Iranian regime on and through Syrian territory, and the use of Syrian territory by the Iraqi insurgency.”
 Richard Boucher - “There is a lot of international pressure and urging for North Korea to return to the talks and to return there seriously.”
 Richard Boucher - “violation of international standards.”

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