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 Walter Ulbricht - “Today we are in the midst of a vast project that will bring happiness to us all, and will prevent new disasters from befalling our suffering people.”
 Mark Richt - “Everybody wants to be undefeated, and that's what we wanted. There are no excuses. Florida played better than us today. They had a little time to prepare off last week but once our defenses hunkered down a little, we were able to slow them down.”
 Mark Richt - “Every time you turned around, somebody was out. We were really struggling today just to line up in some of our personnel groupings.”
 Mark Richt - “We had a better dress rehearsal today, less mistakes (than Wednesday) ... I feel like we're prepared as good as we can be at this point.”
 Mark Richt - “It doesn't surprise me. The guy's got all the tools you could ever hope for. He's very serious about becoming a great player.”
 Mark Richt - “Sean had a great first game and a great last game. In between he did OK, but was not as productive as I hoped. He had some trouble dropping the ball, as did some other guys.”
 Walter Ulbricht - “The victory of the working people over the exploiters and slave holders is at the same time the victorious struggle for liberation by the German people.”
 Mark Richt - “Our guys did a great job of doing what we had to do to win. It certainly wasn't a very beautiful victory, but to me it is.”
 Mark Richt - “I've learned to appreciate every victory. I'm not going to apologize for it. We've just got to get better.”
 Mark Richt - “I have to tell them that victories are very, very precious in the SEC, ... I'm not fibbing a bit when I say I'd be thrilled to have a one-point victory. Even if it was 3-2, I could probably swallow that.”
 Mark Richt - “We can't be thinking about what's going to happen down the road. You look at what happened to Florida last year, going in there and getting beat, and then you just watch the tape. ... They're much better at doing what they do than they were a year ago.”
 Mark Richt - “The main thing I want to emphasize the most about Arkansas is their speed. They are fast. They've got to be the fastest team from top to bottom that we'll face. I don't think they have anybody who can't run. It's a little intimidating to watch them on film and see them run the way they do.”
 Mark Richt - “He eventually let Charles Grant, Verron Haynes, Randy McMichael and Tim Wansley watch from the sidelines against Arkansas State. After the Bulldogs beat the Indians 45-17, the first guy there to congratulate me with a big grin was Charles Grant, ... That showed me a lot.”
 Mark Richt - “It's a big game for us, I can promise you. They have done a wonderful job of stopping the running game and that's our strength going into this season.”
 Mark Richt - “We've got some cushion, but the worst thing in the world we can do is get beat next week. Then we have no cushion. We're only halfway through the schedule. We're not in a position where we can relax.”
 Mark Richt - “We feel better about it today than we did going into the game. We still have to see how they do with tighter coverage. Boise State played mostly soft coverage, not much press at all so no one had to worry about getting off a jam or redirecting or that kind of thing. We'll see how they handle a little more pressure.”
 Mark Richt - “The bowl system has not necessarily ever been fair. It has a lot to do with economics. The only thing that's locked in is the winner of a conference title game gets a BCS game. That's the only thing that's guaranteed. That's what you fight for. That's what you can accomplish so you don't have to worry about all the political ends of the bowl system.”
 Mark Richt - “I wasn't as excited about the game after watching film as I was right after the game, ... they'll see things weren't as good as everybody is writing right now.”
 Walter Ulbricht - “When has there ever been a government in German history that came to the people and revealed its detailed plans for the coming years That could not happen before, since German governments planned war and conquest.”
 Mark Richt - “I've seen a guy have an ACL (injury), then on the first day back, he blows it again. Then they repair it again and he goes on to 10 years in the NFL. Sometimes they take better than others.”
 Mark Richt - “I've seen a guy have an ACL (injury), then on the first day back, he blows it again, ... Then they repair it again and he goes on to 10 years in the NFL. Sometimes they take better than others.”
 Mark Richt - “I think we'll keep our poise. I think we'll fight hard. I think that'll happen. Are we good enough to beat Tennessee That I don't know. We'll have to improve in all areas, but when it comes to fighting a full 60 minutes, I think we've proven over the last four or five years we'll do that.”
 Mark Richt - “It always helps in recruiting to a certain degree. To finish in the top 10 four straight years is exciting, and we think 10 wins is a pretty good benchmark.”
 Mark Richt - “I'm real excited about this class, mainly because of the numbers. We really covered every major position other than the kickers. If these guys unite as a team, behave like they should and work hard like they should, we should be something special three or four years down the road.”
 Mark Richt - “Leonard has got a very strong upside. He's a mismatch problem for a lot of people.”

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