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 Mark Richt - “There's no doubt Joe T is the No. 1 guy going in. He's got a lot of things going for him.”
 Mark Richt - “Without a doubt, he was our player of the game.”
 Mark Richt - “I felt like we had as good a chance this year to be in the fight as we had in any other year. I'm not really surprised, but I guess a lot of people thought it was doomsday.”
 Walter Ulbricht - “The nature of a democracy consists to an important degree in the right of the people to criticize problems and mistakes.”
 Mark Richt - “We'll see if he can make some plays for us there, and see what happens over 15 practices. Even if he goes back to defense, he's creating some depth for us at receiver.”
 Mark Richt - “We're beat up and fatigued and there are some guys in Gainesville licking their chops. The guys on our defense are flat-out warriors. (Defensive tackle) Ray Gant would not come out of the game and probably should have a couple of times. You have to tip your hat to them and coach Willie Martinez and rest of our defensive coaches.”
 Mark Richt - “Those guys are hard to tackle. Even if you call the right defense and have guys in the right positions, you still have to bring them down and we didn't.”
 Mark Richt - “We put the onus on the defense one more time and they made the plays again, thankfully. Running game, field position, defense. It isn't pretty sometimes.”
 Mark Richt - “With this defense, you spend an awful lot of time just trying to figure it out, figuring out whos lining up where and why, ... Youre like, Is this guy a linebacker or is he really a d-end Because theyre all milling around.”
 Mark Richt - “Their quarterback, from what I could tell, made the right decision almost every time. Even when you get them in your sights and you call the right defense and you get guys in position, you still have to get them down.”
 Mark Richt - “Quentin is thinking it all through before making a decision. I don't think either one is 100 percent sure about what he's going to do yet.”
 Mark Richt - “I felt good when we had them down there because if we get a stop, we're in good shape. But they just executed their offense perfectly. It seemed like their quarterback (White) made the right decision almost every time.”
 Mark Richt - “We'll see how (Sims) performs this week and next week. To have two weeks prior to making a decision is going to be a real fair test for him.”
 Mark Richt - “I can't tell you how happy I am for D.J. and how thankful I am that his senior season came out the way it did. I love to see a guy rewarded for loyalty and a guy just doing things right in life. I'm thrilled to death for him and just thankful things have worked out well for him.”
 Mark Richt - “I would be sad for the players if that happened. But I'm thrilled to death to think we could go through the season without losing a game.”
 Mark Richt - “You got to give them credit. It takes guts to run that.”
 Mark Richt - “When we were down 28-0, I didn't know if anything good was going to happen tonight. But to the credit of our players we made it a battle. We made them sweat a little bit.”
 Mark Richt - “Going for the fake punt showed a lot of guts and great execution. You've got to give them credit.”
 Mark Richt - “We were definitely playing for a return. We didn't think they would do that. Give them a lot of credit. It takes a lot of nerve to do that.”
 Mark Richt - “We just had to hang on for dear life today. It's not fun to see your boys go down. I also have to give a lot of credit to Arkansas. I tried to tell everyone how fast they were.”
 Walter Ulbricht - “Let us get to work, in full knowledge that the plan will awaken the great creative forces in each German and help them to blossom”
 Mark Richt - “We might have the only kickoff team in the country that doesn't have any linebackers running down there,”
 Mark Richt - “It was more of a day of how can you manage things when things are going well. It was more of a damage control day for them. I thought they did all right.”
 Mark Richt - “We control our destiny still. That's where you want to be.”
 Mark Richt - “When you start talking about national implications, we really don't have much control over that at all.”

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