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 Mark Richt - “It'll be more important for next year's class. You're in the first year of an eight-year contract rather than the fourth year of an eight-year contract. There is a huge difference in those two things.”
 Mark Richt - “I probably didn't help Joe much. I tried to help Joe by running the ball, playing a little more conservative. Looking back on what I did, I probably would have stuck with the plan that we practiced the most.”
 Mark Richt - “We need Brandon and Andy to have confidence in that snap and hold right now. It's not happening right now and it's getting in their head a little bit.”
 Mark Richt - “If a guy thinks every time he drops a ball you're going to drop him out of the lineup, it's very hard for him to gain confidence,”
 Mark Richt - “I think he's still a relatively young kicker, ... It's good to have the confidence to know he can make that kind of kick.”
 Mark Richt - “I've had a lot of great ones, but I've never had a guy that tall, that fast and that strong. He's gaining confidence, too. I don't think we've seen him play as well as he can play. I don't want to put any extra pressure on him, but he's a special player.”
 Mark Richt - “A.J. Bryant is a player waiting to happen. If he gets a little confidence going and a couple of catches, he can really do some big things for us.”
 Mark Richt - “I'm very disappointed and penalties for behavioral issues are going to be severe. Playing time is valuable to all players and it will be very limited to those who cannot conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.”
 Mark Richt - “We're hoping by the time we roll around in the fall we could take that variable of 'How much does a guy really know' out of it. If he is struggling with the learning of it, he is probably not going to play. If he understands it, now it is more of a competition.”
 Mark Richt - “I think it is very possible. Very conceivable. Game days are what separate guys. The competition is even enough ... I didn't feel like anybody was pulling away by a long shot in the spring.”
 Mark Richt - “The only competition that (Stafford) is doing right now is just trying to learn what to do. The other three guys, even four guys when you count (walk-on Nick) Dalton, have a lot better idea of what to do, even on the basics of calling the cadence. He's a talented passer. I think we all know that, and you can tell he's going full speed as far as trying to learn, but there's so much to learn in such a short amount of time.”
 Walter Ulbricht - “I ask you to let the government know immediately when you see serious problems or mistakes that stand in the way of our great community endeavor.”
 Mark Richt - “I am very excited about what's going to happen with D.J. Shockley, ... He is a great football player. I'm just happy for him. You know, guys can mope about the situation, or guys can decide, 'I just don't want to be here,' and take off. He didn't do that. Not only did he stay, but he thrived at Georgia. He is in great shape academically, and he has won community service awards for us. He's just a fantastic guy, a great man. He's probably the most respected player we have on the team.”
 Mark Richt - “It's come a little faster this year than normal. We just recruit real hard and if they're ready to commit, we'll take their commitment. We're real pleased to do that with the guys we've offered.”
 Mark Richt - “That's exciting to us to know that there are some national blue-chip players who are interested in Georgia and feel like they can make great things happen here. I think there are certain guys that we signed, certain guys that we got visits from, that we probably never could have gotten five years ago.”
 Mark Richt - “South Carolina, they dont seem to care what personnel group youre in, theyre going to make sure theres as much organized chaos as they can give you,”
 Mark Richt - “We want to make sure that we play someone that everyone in the nation would care about and can bolster how people, how voters feel about you if you win.”
 Mark Richt - “I'm almost certain it's going to roll right into (fall) camp as far as trying to narrow it down a little bit.”
 Mark Richt - “We have our schedule set up so the mornings are about business and after lunch is time to enjoy the bowl.”
 Mark Richt - “Guys like D. J. make this business worthwhile.”
 Mark Richt - “Spurrier is one of the best in the business, probably ever, ... I've learned so much just watching.”
 Mark Richt - “They bought a lot of time on that play. They allowed the quarterback to see it really well, stop and set his feet and make a really pretty throw.”
 Mark Richt - “Dennis Roland has come so far it's unbelievable. As a freshman, he really did look like Bambi right after Bambi was first born, all spindly legs. We were hoping that he would develop into something, but I don't think we envisioned him growing into what he is now.”
 Mark Richt - “It's some of our guys first game on the road, and it really can jolt your body,”
 Mark Richt - “It's some of our guys' first game on the road, and it really can jolt your body.”

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