My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Richt - “It's been good enough to make the play-action pass legitimate. We've done some good things. Our backs have done some good things overall. Not many people can line up and run over people down after down. We're more into having good balance.”
 Mark Richt - “I don't think he's going to play defense anymore. He's going to be very valuable to us, and he has shown the ability to go deep and to catch the deep ball.”
 Mark Richt - “When I'm looking for a quarterback, the first thing I look for is the ability to throw the football. That's something that most people take as a given, but it's something you've got to have. From the film I saw on Matthew, he makes every throw you can ask a guy to make.”
 Mark Richt - “A lot of people doubted his ability to handle the academic rigors at our school. He's proven he can do that and be a fantastic All-American football player and be a fantastic citizen. He's got a heart for young people. He wants to give back. He's just a great credit to this program and our university.”
 Mark Richt - “With Shockley, he becomes a weapon himself with his ability to run above and beyond the basics, ... You've got to be an accurate passer, you've got to be a good decision-maker, you've got to be able to handle the pressure of the job and you've got to be a leader. He is all those things, plus he has the bonus of being able to run. It's exciting for us.”
 Mark Richt - “Overall, it was fairly sloppily played offensively, but there was some beauty in our ability to run the ball.”

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