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 Rick Pitino - “Our goal is the same as it was when we left (for this road trip). We had six road games left. We want to win at least two of those and sweep our remaining four games at home. We had a golden opportunity that we gave away (at Rutgers), which was one of our best opportunities on the road.”
 Rick Pitino - “I think it's possible, not probable. To have a guaranteed trip to New York, we're going to have to win seven games. I don't feel good about it, but if we win seven, we'll get there.”
 Rick Pitino - “We're not giving up on this year. We still think we can get to the tournament, win four games at Madison Square Garden. But the schedule is against us right now.”
 Rick Pitino - “We're playing a great team and that's what you want with Madison Square Garden on the line. As you advance in this tournament you keep playing better teams. This is a terrific team.”
 Rick Pitino - “He rebounds well. He has great moves inside in the low post. He'll give us a lot this year.”
 Rick Pitino - “We've got to stop Gray inside. Padgett really played well against him and Brian and Terrance aren't the offensive threat David is, so we're going to have to get a good game out of Palacios and our two centers just to contain Gray.”
 Rick Pitino - “I think the week off is a good thing now, especially for David. Resting the knee is important.”
 Rick Pitino - “I think David is a true student of the game. I told him (before Connecticut), 'David, if you keep just going to the jump hook and not going up and under and not making head fakes and going the other way, they're going to play that.' So right away he alters that and goes to different things. He's very mature, David, on a very immature team.”
 Rick Pitino - “We put bubbles on baskets, we use pads, we have taken everything but a hammer and hit them over the head with it. (But) it's not getting any better.”
 Rick Pitino - “The head coach at Florida is not going to one of those schools. When you're winning, you're happy, you love your kids, you love the town, why would you even consider that All it is, it's poor reporting and spreading rumors.”
 Rick Pitino - “Our guys played with tremendous heart, and I'm really proud of them.”
 Rick Pitino - “I just hope he lets the game come to him.”
 Rick Pitino - “We won't lose hope. And we will not get discouraged until the last game is played.”
 Rick Pitino - “He's not progressing and getting better like you would hope. The main thing is to just try to get him through the season.”
 Rick Pitino - “You always hope, for humble people who work hard, for something like this to happen. It's a fairy tale, really.”
 Rick Pitino - “We'll attempt to out-think one another, but once the game is over, we'll go back to being good friends. When he comes to Louisville, I'll have him over for dinner, and when we come to Syracuse, I'm sure he'll have me over to his house.”
 Rick Pitino - “We just made mental mistakes. It wasn't the physical part that hurt us. We're disappointed we're losing, but these players are doing their job. They're working hard.”
 Rick Pitino - “We're playing like our life is on the line. We badly want to get to New York to improve and build. There are only three letters (NIT), but this is a very big deal to us.”
 Rick Pitino - “We badly want to get to New York City to improve and build. The letters may only be three, but for us it is a big deal. We are excited to be part of this.”
 Rick Pitino - “If we're healthy, I like (a fast-paced game). I don't know if we will be. We tried practicing Andre and Chad (Millard, back injury), and they lasted about 20 percent of practice and we took them out.”
 Rick Pitino - “We've made our free throws of late, and that's impressive when you're fatigued.”
 Rick Pitino - “The formula I always use for picking teams is whoever has the most talent in the junior and senior class wins the championships.”
 Rick Pitino - “I'd learned how much happiness money can bring you. Very little.”
 Rick Pitino - “I'm at the stage of my career when it's not only about winning and developing players, it's about having fun. That's a void in your life right now, but it's something you're going to have here.”
 Rick Pitino - “After September 11, I don't think people really believe things like this are all that important.”

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