My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Etheridge - “The companies convicted won't keep their ill-gotten gains, ... never has enough money as it is.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We started four sophomores that year and we played in a national tournament in Tennessee. When we went into the lobby where the teams were, it looked like a lobby of WNBA players. We split our games in Tennessee (going 2-2) and I was proud of that. We went 22-12 and won the district championship.”
 Dudley Etheridge - “Obviously, it's going to be a very tough game for us. You don't win 17 straight games for nothing. We'll just do the best that we can and see what the outcome is.”
 Dudley Etheridge - “I really don't look forward to it. They haven't won 20 games by accident. But we'll see what happens.”
 Ross Outerbridge - “I think the encouraging things are to see some of the performances of the young Canadians that have been at their first Games.”
 Quintyn Eldridge - “He said he liked her a lot. He was only going out with her for a few months. He hung out with her a lot, and he said she was a really cool girl and I should meet her.”
 Samuel Coleridge - “Let every bookworm, when in any fragrant, scarce, old tome he discovers a sentence, a story, an illustration, that does his heart good, hasten to give it”
 Shawn McCambridge - “That could give the Kansas City wheat market some support.”
 Tom Ridge - “I am saddened that this job is even necessary. But it is necessary. So I will give it everything I have. The task is enormous.”
 Lisa Delbridge - “I am offering a 250 dollar reward, and whoever can give me a name of somebody who did this I will have them prosecuted.”
 Quintyn Eldridge - “If you asked him for something, he'd never say no. I figured he had so much, he was always willing to give it away.”
 Al Aldridge - “She earned the respect of her teammates through her performance. The team was smart enough to realize they needed her if they were going to reach their goals.”
 Brian Aldridge - “We didn't come up and tackle, ... They flat out ran over us and they looked good tonight.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We were making shots in the second and third. We had good looks in the fourth. We just weren't making them.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “Coming into the game, we had everything laid out on offense. If they played zone, we had to get a lot of movement and screening to get our shots. We did a good job of that.”
 Dudley Etheridge - “It's good to see Brandon back. Now we have more depth in our post positions.”
 Tom Ridge - “if the Brazilian government thinks it's in their interests (to fingerprint and photograph Americans), so be it.”
 Mark Loughridge - “We expect services revenue growth to accelerate throughout 2006 to achieve mid-single digit revenue growth in the second half.”
 Garry Ridge - “We did well in both our European and AsiaPacific regions during the quarter, but some of this growth was offset by changes in foreign currency exchange rates. If we were still seeing the same rates we had last year, we would have seen an additional 1.7 million in sales and 0.2 million in net income.”
 Samuel Coleridge - “O Wedding-Guest this soul hath been Alone on a wide wide sea So lonely 'twas that God himself Scarce seemd there to be.”
 Quintyn Eldridge - “He asked me how work was going. We were talking about hanging out soon. Stuff like that. I told him I'd call him back when I got off of work.”
 Samuel Coleridge - “Signals, Drums, Guns, Bells, the sound of Voices weighing up clearing Anchors ... Monday April 9th, 1804, really set sail ... No health or Happiness without Work.”
 Tom Ridge - “They are insidious, ... a vast paradox of personalities and groups, some spontaneous, some very methodical, yet they are all intent on doing us harm.”
 Bob Etheridge - “Crop insurance is a key component of the farm safety net and it is crucial that this Subcommittee continues to stay abreast as to the health of the crop insurance industry.”
 Brian Aldridge - “I think the Lee County delegation is a delegation that is spilt on its political views in a lot of areas. But the views that everyone has come from the heart.”

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