My Favorite Quotes
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 LaMarcus Aldridge - “I work on that in practice all the time. But I usually don't have to use it much.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “When it comes down to crunch time, we always try to get him the ball.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We had girls that could dribble with both hands. That's both hands dribbling the ball at the same time.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “Lee doesn't really have a go-to player now. They might have a hard time matching up. They'll probably have to spread their scoring around.”
 Tom Ridge - “Take some time to prepare for emergency.”
 Tom Ridge - “that those who would do us harm may choose that date or any time around the commemorative period to do us harm again.”
 Tom Ridge - “This is the right move at the right time for the right reasons,”
 Tom Ridge - “God forbid, there may come a time when the local authorities or national authorities will tell you that you've got to use them. But for the time being, we just don't want folks sealing up their doors or sealing up their windows,”
 Dudley Etheridge - “I told Tyler to hold the ball and just let the time run out. He did what he was instructed to do, and that played a huge role in winning the game for us.”
 Tom Ridge - “This war on terrorism is going to continue for an indefinite period of time.”
 Samuel Coleridge - “No man was ever yet a great poet, without being at the same time a profound philosopher.”
 Mercedes McCambridge - “At awards time, The Exorcist was nominated in 11 categories, everybody but the janitor was up for an Oscar. There was no category for what I did.”
 Todd Woodbridge - “I like the idea of Hawkeye because it really bothers me to see major championships lost on bad calls at crucial times.”
 Lisa Delbridge - “I think the same person did it both times.”
 Tom Ridge - “I think we've accomplished a great deal in a short period of time, ... We have to be right a billion-plus times a year. ... The terrorists only have to be right once.”
 Shawn McCambridge - “Upside potential will probably be limited if we're basing it just on the cold temperatures until we get a more accurate assessment of whether damage did actually take place. We've seen this wheat crop too many times - we've 'killed' it and it turns around and comes back stronger than ever.”
 Natasha Henstridge - “Today, I guess I give a lot more thought to the roles before I sign them.”
 Jim Wooldridge - “The offense just dried up on us. Then we couldn't get a stop without fouling them. I thought we could have defended better, but today Texas Tech was too much for us.”
 Melissa Etheridge - “We were just talking about how hard it is to come here and get all dressed up and know that there is someone sitting in their attic hoping they are not going to die. I called my manager today and I said what can I do. I hate this feeling of wanting to do something.”
 Jim Wooldridge - “That's a pretty amazing way to drop that game today, and it's just really unfortunate.”
 Rusty Herridge - “I'm glad to be in position to have a chance to advance. We did not play very good on the front nine as a team, so we had to play really hard on the back nine. We were considerably down to Klein Oak (11 shots) at the turn. The kids seemed to relax and get more comfortable out there. With the threat of rain (today), you never want to be in third place after the first day.”
 Rusty Herridge - “Anytime you shoot four under on a course with winds and fast greens like today, tells you something about her play. It's real comforting as a coach to have a player that can go out and win. She's very dedicated to the game and plays very hard.”
 Rusty Herridge - “We're still making too many mistakes for four seniors and a junior. I know they will go out (today) and give a good effort.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “I don't feel like I played well at all today.”
 Tom Ridge - “Today the United States government raised the national threat level.”

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