My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Eldridge - “In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.”
 Dale Maharidge - “These exposed streets were the same everywhere, and the writer saw no truth in them. They were simply more visible in a small town.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “When I first got here (to UT), my release was ugly. I think using the chair is one reason my free-throw percentage is getting better. I have better mechanics.”
 Gary Stockbridge - “We fully understand that these increases are substantial and that all of our Virginia customers will feel their impact.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “I think we feel like we can beat Rockwall now and we have the capability. I think the last time, some players on our team didn't understand their roles, but they have responded well since then.”
 Tom Ridge - “We don't want to broadcast to everybody where we're going to be doing this, but those areas and elements within the private sector, they have already been contacted and they understand that for the time being we want to maintain a similar level of security,”
 Gary Stockbridge - “We held a competitive bidding process and awarded the bids based on the lowest price for our customers. We fully understand that these increases are substantial and that all of our Maryland customers will feel their impact.”
 John Morgridge - “When one considers great research institutes, one thinks of institutes on either coast. In the future, we want them to think of the University of Wisconsin.”
 Michael MacCambridge - “It is the central challenge that the N.F.L. is facing how to retain those core values as it moves forward,”
 Vicki Loveridge - “We're trying to get some variety and take-out products that are not doing well. We really didn't know the current relative acceptability of the menu items except for some of the components used in other rations.”
 Tom Ridge - “variety of checks normally done with government employment.”
 Tom Ridge - “I think for a long time we thought we were 'fortress America' and that we were impenetrable. Maybe in our heart of hearts we knew sooner or later that it was going to happen, ... But to take a look at the president and extraordinary vice president ... I couldn't think of a better team at a tougher time to be leading America, so I'm optimistic about it.”
 DeMaundray Woolridge - “Tons and tons and tons (of drugs and violence). I have friends who have been shot and who have been killed.”
 Chris Partridge - “You've got to get it right. You get it to the customers as promised. And if you fail in doing that, then people will vote against you with their feet and their checkbooks. And they will buy elsewhere.”
 Karl Muggeridge - “There was a message that said something like 'Ryan couldn't wait'. I'm like, 'What does that mean', then it clicked.”
 Karl Muggeridge - “A terrible weekend in the office, but at least in the second race we had the bike a lot better. We made a bit of a mess on Friday so we had to catch up all weekend. Even though it was a crash from someone else that took me out of race two, I can walk away confident for the next few. The bike is a lot better now so we can do it for sure.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “It was very hard just watching the games and seeing the team struggle at times. I felt like I could have done anything just to help, but I couldn't even walk.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “I watch film with Coach, and he shows me spots when I do disappear as far as not wanting the ball, not being aggressive and being too passive. They're right. If I'm not wanting the ball and not being aggressive, I am disappearing, and I'm just out there for no reason.”
 Jim Wooldridge - “They're knuckleballs, but you watch the ball in flight, and you just thought they were going in. I thought it. You probably thought it.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “I go back and watch films with Coach. He shows me spots when I can disappear, as far as not wanting the ball or not being aggressive or being too passive. If I'm not wanting the ball, I'm not being aggressive. I'm just out there for no reason.”
 LaMarcus Aldridge - “I'll watch the good things and the bad. I'll try to take what I learn and apply it to the next game.”
 Vicki Loveridge - “There's a misconception that you need extra water for dehydrated rations. You need a given amount of water per day depending on activity and temperature. Whether some of that comes in the food or is consumed separately, the water requirement is the same.”
 Tom Ridge - “We're going to continue the convoy of food and water, particularly water and ice, over the next several days, ... We are working with the state and local communities to determine the debris removal needs and we're prepared to do everything we can to accelerate that process.”
 Samuel Coleridge - “Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming”
 Samuel Taylor Coleridge - “Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, which will itself need reforming.”

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