My Favorite Quotes
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 Kenny Rogers - “These teens are our future. In all likelihood if you are inactive as a teen you will be inactive as an adult.”
 Steve Rogers - “November's unemployment rates were a bit of a mixed bag. We had some gains in retail jobs that were offset by some layoffs in manufacturing, but (the layoffs) were not dramatically reflected in the numbers.”
 Dave Rogers - “For primary residences, the law stipulates that the first R1m of profit made on the sale is exempt from capital gains tax, whereas second homes do not qualify for the exemption and any gain will be subject to CGT,”
 Steve Rogers - “Some of the manufacturing layoffs were offset by gains in retail.”
 Dennis Rogers - “We know we couldn't hold the great start we began with. But we must start playing how we did in those first few games.”
 Darron Rogers - “Anytime you win 31 straight games, it is a testament to the players and coaches.”
 Charles Rogers - “Joey's doing a nice job spreading the ball around. It's up to him how it goes. We don't have any egos at receiver. You can't have egos and win games. With all of us, everybody can't eat every game.”
 Chris Rogers - “With all the rain we've had, we had only one practice since our last tournament back on Aug. 6. I and my coaching staff decided to use the first two pool games to work on some things before the elimination round started.”
 Richard Rogers - “We'd appreciate everybody coming out and supporting us. Both of our teams need to win one of the next three conference games to go to state. But our goal is to win them all.”
 Richard Rogers - “Until now, we've been a group of buildings surrounded by parking lots, ... Now the garden brings all the buildings together and gives us a real presence and identity.”
 Richard Rogers - “Her gift is one the whole city can enjoy, ... The garden is a thrill for me. I even saw some joggers enjoying the paths.”
 James Rogers - “This was our best year ever for the generation of net income.”
 Will Rogers - “Gentlemen, you have just been listening to that Chinese sage, On Too long”
 Lisa Rogers - “Ken told us there was a ghost there with us, a little boy named Christopher.”
 Steve Rogers - “Hadley (Schmidt) throws good but when they put the other girl in we should have hit her and we didn't.”
 Kenny Rogers - “You always want to second-guess yourself to a point. I think it was a decent pitch. I would like to have it a little more inside and not give up a hit.”
 Will Rogers - “When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or a person, don't be surprised if they learn their lesson”
 Dave Rogers - “Upgrading our network with ECIs solutions provider will give us the bandwidth capacity to address the very strong demand for digital subscriber line services and the growth of applications like gaming that require high bandwidth.”
 Will Rogers - “We don't give our criminals much punishment, but we sure give 'em plenty of publicity.”
 Will Rogers - “You give us long enough to argue over something and we will bring it to you in proofs to show that the Ten Commandments should never be ratified.”
 Will Rogers - “Wrigley was the first man to discover that American jaws must wag so why not give them something to wag against.”
 Dave Rogers - “Upgrading our network with ECI's solutions will give us the bandwidth capacity to address the very strong demand for DSL services and the growth of applications like gaming that require high bandwidth.”
 Charles Rogers - “I'm 99.7 percent healthy. As you can see from my 29-yard touchdown catch against the Browns, I was a little rusty in the end zone. I forgot how to react and I gave the ball to a kid wearing Roy's No. 11 jersey. I told Roy he has to give it to a kid wearing my No. 80 when he scores.”
 Richard Rogers - “We just didn't have any intensity starting out. We made some adjustments at halftime and spent the second half trying to come back. Our guys didn't give up.”
 Michael Rogers - “I have heard there are a lot of corners. It is not really up my alley, but I will give it my best shot anyway.”

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