My Favorite Quotes
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 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Gasoline consumption over the past 4 weeks has been 2.4 percent above prior-year levels, on average, suggesting momentum continues to build ahead of the summer driving seasons.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Using Valero's forecast and a 4.3 3-year historical average for this period, we estimate an incremental supply loss of about 260,000 bd over this 4-month period. Moreover, with much of the turnaround work expected to focus on the refineries' cat cracking units, a disproportionate amount of the production loss will likely be gasoline, reducing inventories (currently at historically average levels) ahead of the summer driving season.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Remorse goes to sleep during a prosperous period and wakes up in adversity”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat you, or you defeat it.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “To live is not breathing it is action.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “It is unnatural for a majority to rule, for a majority can seldom be organized and united for specific action, and a minority can.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Watch a cat when it enters a room for the first time. It searches and smells about, it is not quiet for a moment, it trusts nothing until it has examined and made acquaintance with everything.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Cities are the abyss of the human species”
 Julie Rousseau - “Kemp does a great job. She uses her ability to post up very well. She gets in deep, and it's really hard to defend her.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “There is a period in life when we go backwards as we advance.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “God made me and broke the mold.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “A man who is not a fool can rid himself of every folly except vanity.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “He who is most slow in making a promise is the most faithful in performance of it.”
 Henri Rousseau - “Excuse my scribbling, it is late, and I have a poor candle.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Truth is no road to fortune.”
 Henri Rousseau - “If you remove these lines in the painting, the colors are no longer effective.”
 Henri Rousseau - “The interest and the feelings are not due to colors the lines of a painting that move us move us even more in a print.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Those that are most slow in making a promise are the most faithful in the performance of it.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “There are two things to be considered with regard to any scheme. In the first place, is it good in itself In the second, Can it be easily put into practice”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Our will is always for our own good, but we do not always see what that is.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “I hate books, for they only teach people to talk about what they don' t understand.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Although modesty is natural to man, it is not natural to children. Modesty only begins with the knowledge of evil.”
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “A feeble body weakens the mind.”
 Henri Rousseau - “The landscapist lives in silence.”

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