My Favorite Quotes
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 Barbara Russell - “Will it happen in a few months or will it ever happen We just don't know. But we recognize that somewhere in the near future we will have a pandemic flu caused by something and we have to be prepared.”
 Scott Russell - “It's senseless. If you look at these kids, it was almost like it was fun and games for them. It looked like they were laughing and finding great joy in what they were doing, which made it more horrific.”
 Randy Russell - “We wanted to try it. We were running out of dates. (The schedule of games Thursday) is not a great order, but we'll give it a whirl.”
 Jamie Russell - “Obviously we're disappointed with the result. Both games, we had a one-goal lead going into the third period.”
 James Russell - “We are seeing the passing of a generation of historians at UTC.”
 Walter Russell - “Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.”
 Randy Russell - “He acted like a gentle breeze, but his impact on us was definitely larger than life.”
 Jamie Russell - “They're a tough team to get offense against. You look at the shot chart, and a lot of the shots come from the perimeter. They don't give an awful lot of Grade-A chances up. When they do, Elliott answers the bell.”
 Peter Russell - “He (Bargh) has done everything expected of him and he certainly hasn't been dropped though any lack of form. But there are advantages in having two halfbacks with different styles of play and he (McKenzie) will give us that..”
 Dennis Russell - “They are still working, still saving lives, ... They don't give up.”
 Doug Russell - “Senior captain Kait Sullivan talked with the girls at our team meeting about our goals for the season. Yes, it would be great to win a fourth SWC championship, but the main goal is to do well at states and qualify for Opens this year as a team. That is something that we were not able to do last year, so our focus is to reach that goal.”
 Doug Russell - “We have goals set higher for ourselves. But I'm not changing anything we're doing. And this (Fairfield Hills) is probably the toughest course we've run this year, which will be good preparation for the states.”
 Jamie Russell - “When we were successful in this building, we scored shorthanded goals. If we get a bounce here or there (tonight) and if one of those finds the back of the net, it's a different outcome.”
 David Russell - “Our members are successful people who like toys. They collect toys-- flash cars, boats. We have got members here who are also members of six or seven other golf clubs.”
 Carolyn Russell - “You hear about all kinds of things that go on you turn on the TV, hear a patient has been murdered or robbed. I think a background check and registry is a very good idea.”
 Barry Russell - “We have played two really good teams who had something on the line. It was very difficult to win in San Angelo and (the Odessa High) game was very much like a playoff game for them.”
 Bertrand Russell - “The most savage controversies are about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way”
 Ryan Russell - “I'm feeling very confident. I have been training very hard in Florida and I am in good shape.”
 Scott Russell - “I'm feeling really good -- now I just want to prepare well.”
 Doug Russell - “Michelle did a good job, ... but the population exploded in August. There are a lot of mosquitoes out right now. Weve picked up our spraying recently.”
 John Russell - “I'm running because I'm upset with the way our government is being run. It's being run right into the ground.”
 Steve Russell - “Our results for the quarter were assisted by a favorable relationship between freight demand and truckload capacity. We believe capacity growth in our industry continues to be constrained by a shortage of qualified drivers. We address the driver shortage by recruiting safe and experienced drivers, providing newer equipment, and offering competitive compensation and lifestyle programs.”
 Michael Russell - “Radio stocks are in growth purgatory.”
 Robert Russell - “I felt that we had the upper hand on the offense for the most part. We played pretty well, but there's always room for improvement.”
 Kenny Russell - “I heard one of the people say 'he's got a gun' and then I looked sure enough I saw the kid had a gun in his hand and he was walking toward the diner. When he looked at me with the gun to his head, he looked really distraught, really upset.”

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