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 Sam Allardyce - “We gifted the game to Newcastle, really, with not much between the two sides in the first half. They capitalized on what we should have done better with.”
 Sam Allardyce - “But if he didn't give the first one, he wasn't going to give anything.”
 Sam Allardyce - “He will be looking to clinch that position, but who knows I haven't given up hope that it is going to me. It just does not look as though I am the favorite at the moment. I am still keeping my fingers crossed. I have not heard anything officially but we should know by the end of the week.”
 Sam Allardyce - “The deal with Jussi is very close now. I would have thought it will be done by the back end of this week or the beginning of next at the latest.”
 Sam Allardyce - “It's an area we've been trying to address for a long time.”
 Sam Allardyce - “It's just what we deserved today. Not only a great result but a terrific performance.”
 Sam Allardyce - “From the referee's position, there was no chance he was obstructed, so we simply cannot understand why he didn't give it.”
 Sam Allardyce - “From what I can understand, Jussi is close to agreeing his deal.”
 Sam Allardyce - “You don't want to waste knocking the Cup holders out.”
 Sam Allardyce - “We had a chance to win it at the end and 1-0 would have been a major result for us. As it is, it is going to be very difficult for us. If we can nick a goal I would fancy our chances but we will have to weather the storm for 15 to 20 minutes, as they did tonight.”
 Sam Allardyce - “There's a worry that the season could just peter out. I expected the players to know by now what they have to do to get a result away from home and sadly today they lost those basic values.”
 Sam Allardyce - “They (Senegal) filled him with pain killers to get him to play and we might have to pay the price.”
 Sam Allardyce - “Jay-Jay just needs to play better when he gets the opportunity - it's that simple.”
 Sam Allardyce - “There are a number of players that interest us and it would be foolish to name our targets.”
 Sam Allardyce - “At this level all matches will be hard but we are here on merit and we look forward to seeing where we might be travelling in Europe.”
 Sam Allardyce - “The fog would have made it impossible for officials to make their decisions.”
 Sam Allardyce - “The post-match reaction doesn't help, but it doesn't make the England job an impossible one. If you know what you are going into, you accept it before you go into it.”
 Sam Allardyce - “I am sure he is very disappointed but it does give him an opportunity to play for us on a more regular basis given that we will be down on numbers.”
 Sam Allardyce - “El Hadji is on the mend and it is possible he could play. The surgeon has done the job as we expected, they were a tremendous find by our backroom staff because their expertise has helped cut the recovery process by two or three weeks.”
 Sam Allardyce - “Hopefully if all goes to plan, the formalities will be done later today in time for Derby's match against Coventry tonight.”
 Sam Allardyce - “Our aim all those years ago was for Bolton to achieve European qualification, and then beyond that to do it consistently - we made it our ultimate dream to aspire to,”
 Sam Allardyce - “I have no doubt El Hadji Diouf will be here next season. But he is finished for this one.”
 Sam Allardyce - “The defeat is still pretty much fresh in our minds and considering we got back from 3-1 down to make 3-3 only to lose in the final minute makes us want to win the game even more.”
 Sam Allardyce - “I'm still in the frame because no decision has been made yet.”
 Sam Allardyce - “Not at all. Like everything else in this country, every job that becomes available is a worldwide attraction, not just confined to Europe or the British Isles.”

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