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 Sandy Alderson - “It's virtually impossible to contain the impact of smoking within a limited area, so this is a logical extension of our no-smoking policy and reflection of input we've received from our fans.”
 Sandy Alderson - “I thought it was possible for Edwin to be successful, that's why we got involved. But now it's probably beyond anything anyone could have expected.”
 Sandy Alderson - “At some point we're locked in. As I've said, I don't want Kevin to leave. But there will come a point in time when we simply won't allow him to leave.”
 Sandy Alderson - “We've been asked about the players we've said we're going to wait until the end of the season. I'm not sure why the radio or TV situation ought to have a higher priority, ... No decision's been made. But we haven't sat down and thought whether there should be any changes.”
 Sandy Alderson - “It's an ongoing process of reinterpreting the strike zone in accordance to the rulebook. The umpires, I think, are doing an excellent job of bringing the outside pitch in closer to the plate. But I still think we have a lot of work to do with the low end of the strike zone.”
 Sandy Alderson - “This is something that happens once every 30 years, ... It's an unusual situation. Would it be better if we were one of the other four teams in the division at the end of the year I don't think so. I'd rather be a footnote to history than not in history at all.”
 Sandy Alderson - “three or four years.”
 Sandy Alderson - “I think we all would admit that we didn't have the premier team in the National League this year, but we did make the playoffs, ... Crazy things can happen in a short series. In our particular case we fell behind in those three games and never really gave ourselves a chance. So that was disappointing. We played down to people's expectations. So that was very disappointing.”
 Sandy Alderson - “Beyond alarming. We have a crisis.”
 Sandy Alderson - “Just as we know what Trevor (Hoffman) means to the team and the fans here, I think we understand what Jerry means to the community as well, ... This kind of event just reinforces that.”
 Sandy Alderson - “Opening Day is a great time to not only commemorate the achievements that the Padres accomplished last season but to celebrate the beginning of what looks to be a very promising season for our club, fans and the city of San Diego. For baseball fans across the world, there is no better time than Opening Day.”
 Sandy Alderson - “I think Kevin's critical to our baseball operations. Going into next season we're going to have as strong a baseball operations staff as any club in baseball, and it starts with Kevin.”
 Sandy Alderson - “I think Kevin's critical to our baseball operations, ... Going into next season we're going to have as strong a baseball operations staff as any club in baseball, and it starts with Kevin.”
 Sandy Alderson - “It's a world-class city with a beautiful downtown ballpark that's done this kind of thing before, ... There's plenty of hotel space. All that was the reason why we got the World Baseball Classic. It had little to do with me.”
 Sandy Alderson - “To me it will be one more of those esoteric statistics, one more of those historic footnotes that make baseball so great, because it is unpredictable,”
 Sandy Alderson - “have input in the decision, but it's certainly not their decision. I'm sure it will be something that is by mutual agreement and I'm sure it will be something that will be similar if not identical to what we have.”
 Sandy Alderson - “The area presents a lot of interesting opportunities. We certainly want to clean up the sight lines and bring the fans closer to the action.”