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 Charles Schumer - “You will, in all likelihood, affect every one of our lives in many ways for a whole generation, ... So this isn't just rolling the dice. It's betting the whole house.”
 Chuck Schumer - “You give the impression of being a meticulous legal navigator, but, in the end, you always seem to chart a rightward course.”
 Charles Schumer - “Everyone forgets there was a real view that downtown could just be hollowed out and nobody would want to be there ever again, ... And we decided that we had to move quickly...to give people hope so they don't get stuck in their head I got to go somewhere else.”
 Charles Schumer - “Without this package, we could have had real doubts whether downtown would ever achieve the glory that it has seen in the past. With this package, we think it will be bigger, better than ever,”
 Charles Schumer - “The bottom line is that removal from the scene is a good thing. Given the padding of his resume he shouldn't stay on at FEMA.”
 Charles Schumer - “is good evidence that Mr. Fitzgerald is, indeed, following this investigation to its logical conclusion, even if it reaches the highest levels of our government.”
 Charles Schumer - “But Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who had been among the IRS' critics for not raising the rate, said the IRS hadn't gone far enough. The IRS, ... took a good first step ... but more needs to be done.”
 Charles Schumer - “We believe that there is a very real possibility that the Chinese government and the Chinese people see it in their interest to let the currency float, The jury is still out. We still need some concrete signs.”
 Charles Schumer - “We are beginning to sniff the possibility of real results. But the Chinese Government has convinced us that moving to a free floating currency has been a complicated matter.”
 Charles Schumer - “The airlines had come to us and said, 'If everybody sues us, we'll go bankrupt.' The federal government stepped in to say, 'OK, we don't want the airlines to go bankrupt, but we want the people who need help to get help.' That's what happened here.”
 Charles Schumer - “everyone seemed to emerge from the hearing with a different view of what he actually said.”
 Charles Schumer - “Dagger to the Heart”
 Charles Schumer - “dagger to the heart of the people of New York.”
 Charles Schumer - “I hope we rise to the occasion. To have Wyoming get 38.31 per capita, while New York gets only 5.47 per capita, doesn't look like a formula based on threat, but looks like a formula based on politics, to me.”
 Charles Schumer - “We hope and pray that the Chinese will move. We don't want to dictate anything to the Chinese. We don't want to tell them how quickly they should move or to what degree, but we do need to see some more movement on something that just about everyone agrees ought to happen,”
 Charles Schumer - “Given the even greater importance of this new position, we hope the White House will reconsider its refusal to release relevant and important documents that will shed light on what kind of Chief Justice Judge Roberts would become.”
 Charles Schumer - “This isn't just rolling the dice - it's betting the whole house.”
 Charles Schumer - “The leaking of the name of a CIA operative is a dastardly act. It not only endangers the name of an agent who has put his or her life on the line for America, but also all their operatives and security ... It's a despicable thing to do. And some newspapers report that it was the White House that did it.”
 Charles Schumer - “This isn't just rolling the dice. It's betting the whole house.”
 Charles Schumer - “Dr. Rice's speech suggests that at the very least there was a disconnect between the public security message and the policy prescriptions top White House officials were pushing and the private warnings federal agencies were issuing about imminent threats to our homeland,”
 Charles Schumer - “We have a little more clout than they do, but we need the White House to weigh in,”
 Charles Schumer - “We call on the White House to step up and do what is right for Americans everywhere and send a signal to OPEC that they can't keep their hands around our neck,”
 Charles Schumer - “We call on the White House to step up and do what is right for Americans everywhere and send a signal to OPEC that they can't keep their hands around our neck.”
 Charles Schumer - “Michael Brown is a nice man, but was clearly not up to this crucial and important job. The White House was absolutely correct in replacing him.”
 Chuck Schumer - “The real question for President Bush is going to be is he going to be like Nixon hunker down, get into the bunker, admit no mistakes, ... or like Reagan, who actually admitted mistakes, did a midcourse correction and brought in new people, bipartisan people, people above ethical reproach, into the White House.”

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