My Favorite Quotes
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 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “You can count on it that we will do the right - we will pick the right choice and that we will get the right replacement,”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “Each of you has the power of the individual within you. You have the power of your dreams within. You are young you are educated you are the very best China has to offer, ... Do it for yourselves do it for China do it for the good of the world.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “California's strength as an innovator and world leader in science, technology and solutions related to the environment and alternative energy make it a natural partner with China,”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I didn't believe 100 percent that it's the best thing for children.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I've seen it the last few years, it goes up and down, up and down. Is that we want to do with our children, take them on a roller coaster ride”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “California's new law will ensure parental involvement in determining which video games are appropriate for their children. I believe strongly that we must give parents the tools to help them protect their children.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I believe that children should be insured, but this bill fails to address a critical question How to pay for it”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “Today I signed legislation to ensure parent involvement in determining which video games are appropriate for their children, ... The bill I signed will require that violent video games be clearly labeled and not be sold to children under 18 years old. Many of these games are made for adults and choosing games that are appropriate for kids should be a decision made by their parents.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “You know, nothing is more important than education, because nowhere are our stakes higher our future depends on the quality of education of our children today.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “There's the main event, then there is the sideshow, ... I don't care about the sideshow.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “The message we got was very clear, ... The people want us to take care of the job right here in this building and not go to them if things don't work out.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “We want to make sure children aren't left without any books. We want to make sure our children have the books, that they have a place in the castle. We want to make sure that their mothers have affordable day care. We want to make sure we give the older people the care that they need.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “And so I could feel, on the campaign trail, not just the great rushing joy of politics but the deeper joy of patriotism. This is a wonderful feeling, I think the most important feeling in a democracy.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “is going to wear for a while and then I think we're going to get back to a real campaign. ... We're going to have to start talking about issues.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “As I said in my campaign all along, I want to reach out. I want to be the people's governor,”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “Gray Davis can run a dirty campaign better than anyone, but he can't run a state.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I trust the people to be the best judge of conduct of a campaign when they exercise their franchise to vote, ... I am confident that they will reject candidates that use appeals to negative prejudices against any group of people.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I hope that they do not give us extra money because I campaigned and did that one campaign stop, because if they would, there's something wrong with our system,”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “Davis always knows how to run a dirty campaign, but he doesn't know how to run the state. That's the problem that he has.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I am proud California is a leader in recognizing and respecting domestic partnerships and the equal rights of domestic partners, ... I support current domestic partnership rights and will continue to vigorously defend and enforce these rights and as such will not support any rollback.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who sanctioned same-sex marriages in his city in 2004 before the state Supreme Court voided them (see California Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriages Null And Void ... a golden opportunity to stand on history and do something that was noble and appropriate. ... It disappoints me greatly, and it will disappoint literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans, not to mention millions of people across the country.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “What is going to happen if everything fails Life goes on. What do you think, I'm worried about that I'm only thinking of one thing victory for the people of California. I've done my trip to glorify myself, to do all my things, and to shine. I'm doing this because it gives me a chance to give something back.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “It's the union bosses that run the state of California.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “I feel most comfortable with the way it is right now, ... Eventually, in a few years from now, you can re-address it again and see what the people of California think. You cannot force-feed those kind of things.”
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “China and California face the same challenges providing clean, abundant, reliable, affordable energy that will sustain our economies and our environment,”

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