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 Mike Scioscia - “Nobody worked harder than Maz. I know he worked very, very hard at getting that team and their whole organization going in the right direction. But when it doesn't happen, you're accountable. That's the life of anybody who's in this position. If you're not moving the organization forward, they make you pass the baton to somebody else.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He pitched a great game. Offensively, we didn't get anything going and every pitch is magnified. He didn't make many mistakes today at all. We just didn't pressure them enough offensively.”
 Mike Scioscia - “When he had to make a pitch, he did.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Jason's a guy who had a very, very live ball a couple of years ago. He probably doesn't have quite the same stuff, but he still can be effective and we'll see where he fits in. Statistically, he's definitely a guy you want to match up against lefties, and that's a role that we'll look at.”
 Mike Scioscia - “I think the important thing, ... is for us is to bring our style of play into the game.”
 Mike Scioscia - “A muddy track is not something that works in our favor. I think we need to run the bases, we need to stay aggressive. I think whether we play tonight or tomorrow or any time this series, you're going to have a slower track just because of the wetness that you anticipate the field having.”
 Mike Scioscia - “I guess I haven't seen that play work since Willie Mays Hayes (movie Major League). It's a great hustle play. I don't think we'll design it or use it again, but it worked out tonight.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He hasn't started that long if you look at the big picture. But if this guy stays healthy, he's young enough, he stands a chance to be one of the most dynamic starters in our league.”
 Mike Scioscia - “If you've got five starters that you perceive to be terrific starters, then go get a sixth because that depth is going to come up there is no doubt about it. From our perspective we feel very strongly about being a perennial contender and that means the strong guy on the mound and the relievers behind him.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He did a lot of the stuff we've seen him do. He shut the door when he had to.”
 Mike Scioscia - “A lot of times the pitch you need to get a guy out is either out of the zone or in the dirt and you need to block the ball or tag the guy out. Our guys work on that and our pitchers need to have confidence to throw that pitch.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Our defense has been there all year for us. This is out of the blue, really. Everything you could've messed up, we messed up out there.”
 Mike Scioscia - “What's really been impressive is to see his work ethic and how much his defense has picked up. We're really excited about that part.”
 Mike Scioscia - “This is out of the blue. Everything you could have messed up, we messed up out there. These guys have played terrific defense all year, so it's very uncharacteristic.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We're not as crisp in areas that we need to be in. One thing is pitching. We have a couple of things where pitchers have gotten into their starts and they've been a little bit erratic and getting into deep counts. That is where it starts, with pitching.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We did a nice job on the mound against a deep lineup.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He didn't really pitch deep into the game against the Yankees. He's done it before this year, and he came out in flying colors so we're confident he's going to get to a point in his game where we have some of the arms in the bullpen we're going to get to.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Give him credit. We had some opportunities, but he made some pitches and shut the door.”
 Mike Scioscia - “It's out of our control. We'll play at midnight if they tell us to play at midnight. We'll be ready.”
 Mike Scioscia - “I don't know if there's any pattern, other than the fact that it looks like the number of teams that are going to contend has expanded because a lot of teams have stepped it up a level.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We did a lot of good things. We played more the type of game we need ... and we brought our game on to the field today. That's what we have to do on a consistent basis.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We still have to remain conservative. Even if there is a date that says 'Opening Day' soon, you still can't risk losing a big part of the season.”
 Mike Scioscia - “To combine velocity with great command is a package you don't see often, ... That puts him in an elite group of pitchers.”
 Mike Scioscia - “I wouldn't say we're concerned, but ... his command was off and sometimes that's a sign of weariness, ... He's in uncharted waters.”
 Mike Scioscia - “His velocity was good, his command was not as crisp as it has been. In the deep counts he ran, he came back and made some terrific pitches. When he had to make a pitch, he did.”

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