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 Mike Scioscia - “Umpiring of baseball has been around since Day 1 and some calls are missed, but most of the time they get it right, ... Instant replay in baseball I don't know if it is ever going to be such a plus that is should be a part of our game. There are plays that are going to be bang bang. But you have to absorb that and play good baseball.”
 Mike Scioscia - “But we're not going to get there if we don't play better baseball.”
 Mike Scioscia - “We haven't played consistent baseball. Our offense has been spotty at times.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Our game has not surfaced, ... It's not a matter of choking it's just a matter of playing our style of baseball.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He's pitched some good baseball against us, but that was probably the best game he's pitched against us. When his fastball was off he got his breaking ball over.”
 Mike Scioscia - “It's tough for Izzy. This guy worked so hard and on a lot of clubs he'd be a starting shortstop. You watch him on the practice field and see the passion he has for baseball. He loves it. It's just a bump in the road for him. He'll get healthy.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Our feeling is this I know the guys in our clubhouse. If they scheduled a game for 1 in the morning, we're going to show up and play, ... We have a tough schedule, but we're still playing baseball and we're getting to do something we enjoy.”
 Mike Scioscia - “It's written into the fabric of baseball that with games on the line that have bearing on the race, you try and put your best lineup out there.”
 Mike Scioscia - “He keeps getting finer and finer with his stuff. Although he's not throwing as hard as he once did, he's still adept at hitting spots, changing speeds and keeping hitters off-balance. He just knows how to pitch, knows what he wants to do, and he's very good at it.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Dan is the epitome of a professional. The way he applied himself and his attention to detail made him one of the best catchers of his era. He played the game the way it was supposed to be played.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Walking around town, I had people coming up to me just thanking me for their grandparents who were deceased that were Angel fans back in the early 1960s.”
 Mike Scioscia - “It makes sense to have Guerrero ahead of Garret, but that has failed to work out over the past couple of months, especially for Garret. This might help out some things.”
 Mike Scioscia - “They've got a lot of left-handed hitters over there, so we wanted to make sure we had a presence there on the right side of the infield. We need to keep defensive continuity if we're going to win, and Adam was in there for right-side defense. Adam's a terrific defensive second baseman. That's why he was out there tonight and he ends up winning the game with his bat.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Adam Kennedy is the best defensive second baseman in our league.”
 Mike Scioscia - “Joe has an incredible baseball mind and a tremendous ability to communicate with players on all levels. That's a combination any player should appreciate.”
 Mike Scioscia - “If we had a lineup that had seven guys with the potential to hit 25 to 30 home runs, it would be a bit more sit back and slug baseballs. We don't have that ability. I think it's great. I think it's baseball. I love it.”

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